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Cyber-insurance shock: Zurich refuses to foot NotPetya ransomware clean-up bill – and claims it's 'an act of war'


Re: Eh, it’s Mondelez.

MyffyW, have you actually tasted Cadbury's chocolate in the past few years? I agree that 20 years ago it was the best milk chocolate but consider it to be barely edible now, wouldn't even want it as a gift.

I used to work at Cadbury's in Bournville in the 70s and 80s. Happy days. Loved the smell of chocolate which fillewd the air for miles around.

Excuse me, sir. You can't store your things there. Those 7 gigabytes are reserved for Windows 10


Re: 32GB HP Monstruosities

That used to work for me twenty years ago on a 56 k line in 327x or VT51 mode. Sure as hell doesn't work now with the huge amount of sh*te that needs to flow down the pathetic Comms infrastructure of Third World United Kingdom.

Even at work, with much faster Comms, our cloudy world takes an eternity to open a browser or document or spreadsheet - and our laptops have a tidy spec. At home - don't even dream about it.

Diagnosis: 21st century is FUBAR. Despite technological advances, you can rely on government, greedy monopolies, management and obviously Microsoft to make you yearn for yesteryear.

UK white hats blacklisted by Cisco Talos after smart security code stumbles


Re: A worrying precedent?

All the sh*te the T*ries have dumped on us since 79 and you're still bothered by Blair's brief period of T*ries Lite. Never mind f*cking up whole communities and regions, destroying the infrastructure, giving away the nation's assets to their mates at discount prices, overpopulating the country to the point of breaking - all in the cause of cheap cheap labour, fubar of the entire housing sector, Brexit FFS, Brexit for the sole purpose of internal effing T*ry internal politics, Cameron, Osborne, The Witch, the needless deaths of thousands in The Falklands due to their own incompetent foreign policy, corporatism, homelessness, the surveillance state, stealing our pensions, corruption, control of the electorate by owning the media, endemic bigotry and racism.

Sorry, but anyone who can look at modern day UK and claim that the problems are due to w*nker Blair needs to take a serious look at their logic circuits.

Phew, galactic accident helps boffins explain dark matter riddle


Re: Misleading title

No. Not until you define 'dark'

Ticketmaster tells customer it's not at fault for site's Magecart malware pwnage


Re: Java f'in script !

Upvote just for the double email address bit


Re: Offsite scripts GAH!

Which bank please. I'm paranoid.

GCSE computer science should be exam only, says Ofqual


Re: Doesn't matter

"This would have happened around the time the last labour government came to power, say 97."

Of course it would. Yawn.

Agreed with most of what you said, though.

Nikola Tesla's greatest challenge: He could measure electricity but not stupidity


Re: country & western singers

"the back doors of the lorry in front burst open, and hundreds of logs are flung out..."

Now it's getting much more complicated. Should it run over Beech before Ash, Horse Chestnut before Sycamore, Elm before Oak, on number 4 - the larch. I didn't even know these AI cars were qualified Dendrologists.

Budget 2018: UK goes it alone on digital sales tax for tech giants


Re: A tiny step in the right direction

This argument is getting silly. Silly, silly, silly.The last recorded purchase of fuel at a Motorway service station was by Mr Arthur Tremlett in 1973. In his defence he stated that he was wearing the wrong glasses and misread the price.

Obviously I am excluding purchases by employees whose company car deal also includes free fuel (b*stards).

Florida man won't be compelled to reveal iPhone passcode, yet


"whereas the UK system is concerned (supposedly) with finding the truth."

Glad you added "supposedly". Although it probably needed 24 point, bold, capitals, underlined with flashing lights and a brass band accompaniment. Truth and justice rarely encounter our legal system these days.

Apple might be 'collateral damage' in US and China trade dust-up


Re: 3D Printing reply

Upvote for the kisses. Don't get many kisses from El Reg - or anywhere else for that matter. After all, I am in IT.

Top Euro court: No, you can't steal images from other websites (too bad a school had to be sued to confirm this little fact)


Re: Prepare for...

Please tell me you are joking.

Labour MP pushing to slip 6-hour limit to kill illegal online content into counter-terror bill


Re: Funny how everyone points at the Tories doing all kinds of shenanigans...

Why are you so fixated on him being Labour and, horror of horrors, a Bl**rite. You should be more concerned about whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. PS. since it attempts to constrain the power of the megacorps, it's a good thing.


Re: Who decides what is illegal?

I think that level of effort is entirely within their capabilities - given they get paid literally billions for doing absolutely f*ck all.

Microsoft tries cutting the Ribbon in Office UI upgrade


How can I get used to the ribbon interface. They move everything around all the time. Most of the ribbon is full of sh*te I don't need and most of the stuff I want is missing or misplaced.



Re: Why do I smell...

I'm still on 2003. Everything since has sent me on the hunt for 'Anger Management' courses.

Press F to pay respects to the Windows 10 April Update casualties


Re: "Upgrading users should be able to ignore the viewer as before."


How many upvotes can I give you? However many it is, it isn't enough.

Well done, UK.gov. You hit superfast broadband target (by handing almost the entire project to BT)


Re: 95%? dubious..

As far as my ISP is concerned, I get up to 38Mbps fibre and they are happy to charge me more to upgrade to 76Mbps. In practice, I have never actually reached even 15Mbps. I am certain I am included in the 95%.

This is just a bare-faced lie by the Government and BT.

Oh good, half of Defra's Brexit projects involve IT


Re: How difficult is it really?

I take my hat off to you, except for omitting the 'joke' icon.

Many farmers are totally dependent on these and mass bankruptcies and suicides would follow because they are operating in a 'broken' system. We were going to put a stop to the madness of the CAP subsidies when we joined the Common Market in the seventies. Forty years on and we haven't even dented them.

It is almost inevitable that farm subsidies will INCREASE when we leave the EU. The Government will need to work out the replacement scheme, which will involve negotiating with the vested interests of the agricultural sector - and we all know how good the Government are at negotiating with vested interests - ask the Banking Industry or BT /Openretch or Train Operating companies .... or just about anybody.

Digital minister: We're still talking to BT about sorting crap broadband


Re: Foregone conclusion

It isn't how many operators you have. It's how they are motivated or controlled. One operator would be fine if Ofcom and their like had any balls.

Windows 10 S forces Bing, Edge on your kids. If you don't like it, get Win10 Pro – Microsoft


Re: Windows 7

At the time of reply you have 15 upvotes and 4 downvotes for saying you won't buy another Windows OS if you have no control over it.

I'm 100% with you on this. Others will take a different stance but I'm mystified as to why they would feel strongly enough to downvote.

Perhaps we have delicate flowers who object to the F word.

'Sorry, I've forgotten my decryption password' is contempt of court, pal – US appeal judges


Re: Actual case aside

They have hashes.But do the hashes tie to this disk?


Re: Future Justice


I.e. I agree. Why am I saying this? Because I meant to upvote,but the fat fingers pressed the downvote, so decided to apologise in the reply. Then found I can switch the minus to plus. Now can't delete comment. Moral: stop digging, stop drinking. Am I the manfrommars?


Re: so Desperation

I am really sorry but limitations in the register upvoting system only allowed me to give you +1 vote. Have a virtual beer too. I'm obviously UK as well so the beer will be rather good.

How Lexmark's patent fight to crush an ink reseller will affect us all


Re: We're still printing?

@9Rune5: Perhaps Canon is different - I've never owned one.

However, I have lost count of the number of HP and Epson prints I have done - but it's in the thousands. I can see no difference in the initial quality or longevity of the HP/Epson prints and the 'own brand' sellers. It's all bullsh*t from corporate liars.

100% with you about the markup rip-off - I just haven't seen the gulf in quality that you have observed. You stick with the Canon 'own brand', I'll stick with the HP compaitible- and we'll both be happy at our own wisdom in making the right choice.

Around 1.4 million people have sub-10Mbps speeds - Ofcom


Re: Me too

I am. I was really excited that my new (expensive) fibre would give me up to 40meg. Sadly, I only went from a pitiful 1.4 to a slow 8Mb - and I suspect that most of that is serving ads and bloat rather than content of the pages I am trying to view.

BT blames 'faulty router' for mega outage. Did they try turning it off and on again?


Re: 'Faulty Router'

.. getting BT to sort it is always going to be easier.

You obviously don't live on the same planet that I do.

Most developers have never seen a successful project


Re: Needs just a tweak.

- there is no staff car park and staff pay 0.6% of salary for parking...(still not fixed)

I believe you are mistaken on this. Based on every hospital I have seen in the past 5 years, this is a mandatory requirement - not a fault. Raking salary back in the form of car park payments is now standard practice for hospitals and a guaranteed revenue stream.

Identifying terrorists: Let's find a value for needle in haystack


Forgetting my annoyance at this disgraceful debacle ...

I particularly liked this clarification.

in addition “data” is defined to include “any information which is not data”.

So the information is data because it isn't data?

Taming the Thames – The place that plugged London's Great Stink


Re: Charlton

That's absolutely astonishing. I had no idea that olympic swimming pools were already used as a measure of volume 35 years ago.

Russia's Putin IT spend in reverse gear, fast


Re: Why can't they learn from the UK?

I think you will find it is the English farm subsidies system that collapsed. The Welsh system is apparently doing very well.

Google in 'right to be forgotten' snub probe: Ireland tackles moans


Re: Here's the rub...

"Better to let 100 guilty men go free than send 1 innocent man to prison?".

I believe that is the expression - although it's clearly wrong.

City hidden beneath England's Stonehenge had HUMAN ABATTOIR. And a pub


Re: Those that do not know History, are doomed to repeat it.

Fascinating. I know I'm pished but what has this got to do with the article?

Déjà vu: Virgin Media jacks up broadband prices


Good luck to you on leaving. Virgin make it as difficult as possible. They are the Ryanair of telecoms. An appalling company in every respect.

Amazon says Hachette should lower ebook prices, pay authors more


I wish I could agree. I think they crossed the total b*st*rds line a long time ago.

Bose says today is F*** With Dre Day: Beats sued in patent battle


Re: A Mockery of Justice outs the Law in a Banana Republic as a Fat Assed Fool and Idiots' Tool


And while we're on the subject of conspiracies - I challlenge you! You can't be the real manfrommars - I almost understood thatt post.

Arrr: Digital Economy Act tied up, thrown in the hold


Re: [no payment was supplied]’

"The first two Sherlock seasons are on Netflix, to watch as many times as you like. Season 3 streamed a month ago."

Is this Netflix that you speak of some kind of Interwebby thing? If so, I'd love to use it. Our brainless and corrupt government have failed so comprehensively in creating our network infrastructure that It would take me all day to download half an episode through the 'wet piece of string' that passes for Broadband in my area - and that really is "f*ck*ng tragic"

(On the plus side, I'm never going to be a top-notch dowloading freetard either)

UK.gov's Open Source switch WON'T get rid of Microsoft, y'know


Re: That's news

"and to those who suffered 13 years of Blair/Brown too"

.. only to discover it had been a dream compared to the nightmare of sleazebag Camoron and the loathsome, spineless, execrable Clegg

MPs to sue UK.gov over 'ridiculous' emergency data snooping law

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Lawyer reviewing terror laws and special powers: Definition of 'terrorism' is too broad


Re: As Mad Mike says.

I wish I was as clever as you. If I was, I'd probably understand why the things you describe as obvious are indeed obvious.

ISPs 'blindsided' by UK.gov's 'emergency' data retention and investigation powers law


Re: We're all screwed

"You will not get a CRB clearance. You will not be able to get a "fast" visa for the USA."

So it's not all bad then

Murdoch calls for ISPs to be liable for users' activities


You wotters!

I think you're all being weally, weally howwible to that poor old man! He seems ever so nice.

Mummy, why are those men in white coats coming to see me?


Re: Regulated and 'policed' Internet coming soon!

OI! how the hell did you get to 999?

It's taken me a lifetime to reach 56.

Snowden defends mega spy blab: 'Public affairs have to be known by the public'


Re: Creamy-G00dness AC pattern forming


Sorry, I've got to ask. Are you a loathsome @rse - or quite a good troll?

CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to SNATCH SNOWDEN


Re: Groundless conjecture.


I think the downvotes might have a little to do with the predictable sneering tone of his comments complete with the usual "Snowjob", "paranoid dribblings of Internet wannabes", "sheeple", "A$$nut" and rubbishing of the journalist's capabilities. This is tedious and detracts from any valid points he might have made.

Fed-up bloke takes email spammers to court – and wins piles of cash


Re: Pre-ticked opt-in boxes

I appreciate that T Garrick was never likely to be the most popular contributor from the moment he/she opened his post with "I'm from the DMA ".

Like many people, I detest most direct marketing with a passion. However, I'm still at a loss to see which of the 3 points warrants the downvote.

UK.gov! frets! over! Yahoo! exodus! to! RIPA-free! Dublin!


Redefining Excellence!

"Ireland is also rapidly becoming a centre of excellence for cyber security. This is due in part to the likes of ..... McAfee ...... being based here".

Not convinced.

Yes, HP will still sue you if you make cartridges for its inkjet printers


Re: Few things

I have an Epson WF-3520. Sorry, but I hate it - especially as it keeps rejecting non-Epson cartridges and inventing other spurious and meaningless erors. Worst printer I have ever had. I'd replace it tomorrow if I knew a make that is happy with own-brand cartridges. Not HP. Not Epson. What's left?

MS Word deserves DEATH says Brit SciFi author Charles Stross


Re: Perhaps

Are you clinically insane? (no offence intended).


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