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Ten netbooks

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aspire one ssd drive

super talent make/made a drop in replacement ssd in 16gb and 32gb versions, got the 16gb last year it works fine

you can also get an adapter to use a compact flash card instead


Student racks up £8000 mobile broadband bill

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"By July, this limit must be capped at €50 (£44) per month."

offer them £44 as a fair settlement and invite them to sue if they don't like it!


Airships can defeat roadside bombers, says ex-US officer

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Air ships, the new snake-oil

Why aren't we doing this?

in one word, WIND

the air isn't still up there

the british army tried this in Northern Ireland they require to much fuel just to remain on one spot

But lets not let the facts get in the way of a spot of Crab-Bashing


MoD does everything right for once in Xmas shocker

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Chinook vs Merlin

"The Merlin can take a good few direct hits, but the chinook is about as durable as a paper plane in comparison."

that quite frankly is rubbish chinook has taken and continues to take plenty of hits

yes 2 were shot down recently but

1. they kept going for long enough to ensure no-one got hurt

2. chinook has been shot at and hit plenty of times

Next time you meet a soldier back from afghanistan buy him/her a pint and ask what their favorite helicopter is

you'll only get one reply and it won't be made in yeovil

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No Nimrod = vulnrable sub based nukes

Long ranged maratime patrol is vital to the UK's Trident sub fleet, we need to know where other Subs are esp as they leave/enter Faslane, there's not that many ways in or out Merlin alone just doesn't cut it

its also vital to Search and rescue operations, bollox bob's plan is to use c130's, not like their busy or anything

Agree about the chinooks though (RAF never wanted Merlin HC3 in the first place) romour is Wildcat was agreed to mainly to keep westlands busy

Whats really stupid though is moving Harrier down the road at vast expense only to chop it a few years later it should have been chopped now, it won't be deployed again its only being kept to keep the carriers busy

overall a thumbs up



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