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When double D isn't enough - go 3D

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Please don't flirt with the man while interviewing him, he wasn't the only one who felt a bit disconcerted.

It was a good interview from him about the technology but since it wasn't possible to show what you saw on video you could have tried to describe it.

What were you looking at, was it panoramic?

Was it projected onto the surface of the walls, or back lit on the walls?

Were you wearing 3D glasses and if so what kind (passive/active)?.

Did you feel any nausea or headaches?

Could you move around inside the dome and still have the full effect or did you have to stand right in the centre for it to work properly?

Was what you saw created using the 86 lens camera or was it from the simulated camera?


Mozilla shrugs off 'forever free' H.264 codec license

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a title

>All it does is tell the program whats inside it with a few other odds and sods

Yes, you clearly know nothing about audio/video. Ever heard of muxing before? Have any handy solutions to place audio and video inside one file while keeping it synced? How about for live broadcast where the start of the video isn't available, where does one get their 'magic numbers' (lots of container formats cannot handle this properly)?

Matroska is a great container format compared to most and I'm glad that webm has decided to use it for their implementation.

Russians quizzed over parasailing donkey

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Heres a video

Much better than those two images


Intel investigates after retailer sold fake CPUs

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Hahaha at second youtube video

Read the description in it. He actually tried to fit the clearly fake cpu into the motherboard and claims he managed to break it.

As much as I despise youtube comments, these ones are ace.

Home Office battles to make CCTV useful

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This is a title

"just because cameras dont help solve crimes, doesnt mean they dont help prevent crimes."

The evidence is that all CCTV does is moves the crimes to places without it. For example the student areas in manchester are covered in cameras but all this causes is the surrounding areas to get all the crime, hardly fair.

And no, the solution isn't more CCTV.

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