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Brits turned off by Smart TVs


Brits!? :)

Why, certainly! Why even waste time on such a survey. Smart TVs, the European Union, admittance that many colored people are more educated than oneself all didn't exist in the glory old days which Brits wish back oh so dearly...

Freebie Android anti-malware scanners flunk tests


Who paid for this?

Those Germans claim to be independent but how come they left some of the most obvious free brand-name-recognition products out while randomly picking others? Because there is a paid-for version? Test the free versions at least. Who in their right mind picks some random no-name, non-accountable crap for security anyway? Well, right.. a couple of 100k idiots, but let evolution sort them out.

US kiddies treated to Playboy TV

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That... can only be good for them in North Carolina....

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Open-source Silverlight project drops early third code


Silverlight >> Flash

Silverlight is not to have dancing monkeys on the screen but for RIAs... And damned good at it.

California school pulls 'oral sex' dictionary

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Make war not love!

I for sure hope they have sufficient vocabulary for guns, weapons, hunting, blood and gore to suit American morals.

Judge awards Dish Network $51m from satellite pirate


What's the software called?

Where can one get this and does it still work or did they implement countermeasures?

A New Year's call to Apple: publish and be damned


fanboi vs. fangurl?

Just wondering - what's the female equiv of fanboi. fangurl? Maybe that's a pointless q as it doesn't exist. Then again...

German shoppers slug it out with salami

IT Angle

So you say...

Besides you probably being British - what does any of this have to do with the hand that feeds IT?

A whole-hearty yawn across the pond (actually the really big one)...

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