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Boffins bash out bonkers boost for batteries

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Diode or Storage

Sorry, but this article (and maybe the press release, deliberately?) seem to miss the point. Isn't he proposing a more efficient type of diode? This isn't going to store more energy, it's going to cut the amount of energy loss in diodes (and I guess in the charging / discharging circuitry of the cell). I imagine only a small proportion of the energy of the cell is lost as heat in inefficient diodes.

Am I missing something?

Mechanic computers used to pwn cars in new model-agnostic attack

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Quality Control Pedant

1. The software doesn't "compromise of" anything. It "comprises" things, and those things may well compromise something.

2. That website you link towards the end is https://www.iamthecavalry.org/. A "calvary" is something else entirely - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calvary.

Linux lads lambast sorry state of Skype service

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But does it work in Linux?

From the Skype website FAQ:

The Skype web plugin is not supported on Windows RT, Linux and Chromebooks.

Backup software for HDD and Cloud

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Jets3t synchronise script plus Amazon s3. Cheap, efficient, and flexible. But you do need to be a bit techie, it's a java library, but the synchronise script is as easy to use as rsync, and is cross platform.

All-flash IBM V7000 smashes Oracle/Sun ZFS box

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hold on - apples and oranges?

18*200Gb of SSD is at most 3.6TB; the Sun product is 84TB. Are we making a sane comparison here?!

HTC One S Android smartphone

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What a disaster

I was definitely going to get this phone for the missus until I realised it only had 16Gb of storage and no expansion. What a disaster, a complete train wreck - and so annoyingly, frustratingly avoidable.

iOS, Mac, Android users still vulnerable to bogus certs

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I believe that call has already been taken, and CM nightlies are now excluding Diginotar certificates. Of course no idea when it'll be pushed to the next beta...

Outbound space probe looks back at tiny Earth and Moon

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why solar?

I believe there was no appropriate nuclear source available for the mission - noone makes much 238 Plutonium any more, and it takes a while to produce enough for a mission (and it's damn expensive).

SwiftKey offers alternative for Android typists

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Just like swype. It's pretty good, but not quite as good as others. Only one still available though on the market though unfortunately.

Parcelforce to drop Windows 7 compatibility through letterbox in New Year

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It's a website, not an application right?

Remind me why a website would want to know what operating system I'm running.

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