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Oracle to triple Exadata installs this year


Storage Architect

No wonder EMC, HP and IBM have become very hot-under-the collar about "big data" this year. Are any of them ever going to be able to challenge Oracle's dominance in this space?

Not any time soon, I suspect...


IBM builds Pacific ring of cloud


The real IBM deal

The article sounds great - but it's a load of spin...

The cost of IBM's "$80 million datacentre" includes; construction of the building, fitting it out and its running costs for the next ten years. If one assumes that the 10-year "running costs" includes rates, insurance, maintenance, power and labour, the datacentre itself is unlikely to be worth more than perhaps $25-30M (NZ dollars BTW). Small change for a datacntre these days.

See the following link for the local news article "IBM to build $80m data centre two months after systems mayhem" -


This article goes on to say "In my 30-year working career, I am struggling to recall a time where I have seen a supplier so slow to react to a catastrophic system failure such as this and so unwilling to accept responsibility and apologise to its client and its client's customers." Still spinning? Despite the gloss put out on this story, it's really just IBM finally realising it's time to show some respect to its customer base by stumping up with a minimal amount of cash to update it's ancient and overloaded facilities.



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