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Gartner confirms what we all know: AWS and Microsoft are the cloud leaders, by a fair way

Owt for Nowt

Gartner what do they know ?

They only confirm what people pay them to confirm


Oracle: Storage trouble in store

Owt for Nowt

@ 7000 ZFS and NetApp

Some people have short memories.

Did NetApp ever settle the patent infringement with StorageTek over the STK Shared Virtual Array (Iceberg) ? The first product by a long chalk to implement a virtual storage array based on "no update in place". A time when NetApps employees were in nappies.

Oh I forgot, Sun, I mean Oracle, now own that intellectual property ....


Sun-Oracle x86 server combo tops the SAP charts

Owt for Nowt

Oh Really

The last IDC figures I saw for the last quarter showed Sun SPARC out shipped Power by 4 x

I'll say that again more slowly . . . . FOUR TIMES the units sold.

PS Ed. I don't think SAP is certified yet for Oracle 11g, they always wait for R2



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