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Redis does a Python, crushes 'offensive' master, slave code terms

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It's cool that these people are identifying themselves. Will come in handy when it's time for the helicopters.

IPv6: It's only NAT-ural that network nerds are dragging their feet...

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If past ipv6 articles are anything to go by...

Cue under skilled network engineers commenting on alleged serious design flaws with ipv6 to cover for their own inadequacy.

Internet overseer ICANN loses a THIRD time in Whois GDPR legal war

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The class A allocations made sense at the time they were made. The ipv4 system was simply not designed to scale to anything like the number of nodes we now have on the internet. The majority of the address space was expected to go unused before classless inter-domain routing was implemented.

Peace pays dividend for OpenWRT as 'baseline' release lands on servers

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Re: OpenWrt is the only thing I run

Yep, I'm the same, I wouldn't consider running anything else on a home router.

You only have to looks at things like the WPA2 bug last year to see the benefit. How many router manufacturers released patched firmware for their old routers? How many unsupported routers are still out there, permanently vulnerable? Mine were secured within a day of hearing about it.

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No Damage

It's not really accurate to talk about the "damage done" by the fork. It's not like there were ever really two projects running in parallel.

The reality was there was an active team of developers who were being hampered by the original OpenWRT project infrastructure still being under the control of founders who had little involvement any more, and apparently little time. The active developers forked LEDE through frustration to enable progress. OpenWRT development immediately stalled.

The re-merge was basically a case of the inactive founders finally getting the message and handing over control of the domain to the active, ongoing project.

Dormant Linux kernel vulnerability finally slayed

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"Well, except when you have Linux on closed hardware (NAS, router)"

This is why for years I have not bought any home router etc without first checking that it's supported by OpenWRT. This policy really paid off last year when that major WPA vulnerability was discovered - all my routers, including 5 year old models were updated pronto. I'm sure that there are millions of vulnerable routers out there that are long since unsupported by the manufacturers, but still in use.

Tech rookie put decimal point in wrong place, cost insurer zillions

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Re: Lira?

"concentrated in a pampered and subsidised south east"

London and the South East subsidise the rest of the country, but don't let facts get in your way.

Chinese tech giant ZTE is back in business – plus or minus $1.4bn and its entire board

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Re: reprisals......?

I'm pretty sure the Iranian Leader just needs to make a video while standing in front of a cabinet full of blank CD-Rs.

If I'm understanding things correctly, that somehow makes you the righteous one, and puts your declared enemy in the wrong, even when they haven't actually done anything and you've already launched multiple unprovoked airstrikes against them.

Internet engineers tear into United Nations' plan to move us all to IPv6

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Re: The reason for lack of IPv6 adopton

Many ISPs provide underpowered routers to their customers that struggle to do NAT at full speed on their fastest services. Ipv6 liberates them from that burden. I personally witnessed a significant performance increase when my 1GBit line was IPv6 enabled.

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"If the minimum subnet size is 2^64 , and the complaint is "the routers will fill up if we have millions of routes". how exactly are switches going to cope if you put millions quintillions of hosts on one subnet?"

I'm afraid this merely betrays your lack of understanding.

The large address space allocations reduce the number of routes required by allowing things to be properly routed by subnet. This was how IPv4 worked originally, but it ran out of address space for that scheme decades ago.

Here's an IPV4 example for simplicity. Say you have the following ip addresses:

Under the present overcrowded IPv4 scheme, a router might well need separate routing table entries to reach all those addresses.

Under the original scheme, it would have required a single entry to reach the gateway for the 134.*.*.* subnet.

The gateway for the 134.*.*.* subnet would then have required 2 entries for the gateways for 134.240.*.* and 134.116.*.*

The gateway for the 134.240.*.* subnet would then have required 2 entries for the gateways for 134.240.73.* and 134.116.56.*

The huge address space of IPv6 allows a return to a similar addressing scheme.

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Ok, I'll take the bait...

How is a system running 20% of the world's active internet connections not working?

It's not a case of getting ipv6 to work, it's a case of getting ISPs to implement it. The assumption that this is not happening because of some inherent problem with ipv6 is disproved by the many successful cases.

The reason for slow adoption is simple enough to explain: pure corporate inertia. They need a "business case", and ipv6's main selling point is extra address space, which isn't much of a carrot as long as enough ipv4 addresses remain available. It's taken the stick of address exhaustion to get Western ISPs moving.

The lower adoption in developing nations probably has something to do with the fact that their regional registries still have a fair bit of their ipv4 address allocation left unused. It's not rocket science, and it doesn't require UN interference to solve.

Hitler 'is dead' declares French prof who gazed at dictator's nashers

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Re: Still I don't understand why Russian doesn't allow full tests.

Strictly speaking, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was not an alliance. It was a non-aggression pact that demarcated boundaries beyond which they agreed not to cross.

A more pertinent question would be why we declared war on Germany for taking back German-populated lands that were stolen from them only 20 years before at the treaty of Versailles, yet took no action against Russia for invading the other half of Poland and massacring tens of thousands of Poles.

Google will vet political ads to ward off Phantom Menace of fake news

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Re: Google's twichy bums

Investigations where the conclusion has been written months before the evidence has been gathered don't count for much. They tend to point to her guilt, because an innocent person would not need to have fixed things in this way. She is dirty as hell, and when everything comes out in the wash, I'm betting she'll be exposed as having literally commited treason.

OK, this time it's for real: The last available IPv4 address block has gone

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Re: BT

So BT completed the rollout, the problem is with your customer equipment.

I can understand you being frustrated with BT as they supplied you with the hardware (and it seems the firmware updates that were promised for earlier models were not delivered), but the fact is that you do have an ipv6 enabled line. Your problem is the shitty support BT offer for the equipment they supply.

If you were that way inclined, you could probably liberate the router from their proprietary firmware and implement ipv6 yourself - the hardware is perfectly capable.

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Re: BT

I believe they rolled out firmware updates to devices going back to the HomeHub 4. I can't speak from personal experience, though.

I'm also on VM. I got fed up with waiting and implemented ipv6 with a Hurricane Electric tunnel. It works perfectly and maxes out my bandwidth with ease.

My advice to any VM customer is to switch their POS "super hub" into modem mode and use a decent router behind it. I have used nothing but OpenWRT routers for years. The ipv6 autoconfigures effortlessly if plugged into an ipv6 native connection, and even the tunnel config was straightforward to set up.

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Re: BT

BT completed its ipv6 rollout in November 2016.

Nervous Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg passes Turing Test in Congress

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Re: Diamond and Silk

Sure, because all you have to do is play with the definitions and you can justify anything. Antifa's position goes something like this:

Everyone to the right of Lenin is a Nazi.

Violence against Nazis is Ok.

They have reintroduced political violence to the Western Political landscape, and that is what led the FBI to label them a domestic terrorist organisation.

Mind the gap: Men paid 18.6% more than women in Blighty tech sector

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Re: Worthy cause...

To think that earning less must indicate a lack of opportunities, you must assume that maximising earnings is the overriding priority in life. How sad.

Women have different opportunities in life, including some options men simply don't have. They make different choices, less focused on their personal earnings, and that is not a bad thing.

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Re: Alternative history drivel..

Thanks for linking to that Wikipedia article. It was most enlightening to learn that the electromechanical, binary Harvard Mark 1 was "based on" the mechanical, decimal analytical engine. I'm puzzled though, because the Wikipedia article for the Analytical Engine states:

"Howard Aiken, who built the quickly-obsoleted electromechanical calculator, the Harvard Mark I, between 1937 and 1945, praised Babbage's work likely as a way of enhancing his own stature, but knew nothing of the Analytical Engine's architecture during the construction of the Mark I, and considered his visit to the constructed portion of the Analytical Engine "the greatest disappointment of my life".[36] The Mark I showed no influence from the Analytical Engine and lacked the Analytical Engine's most prescient architectural feature, conditional branching."

Clearly the Analytical Engine article must have been written and edited by people with an ideological agenda to push, little knowledge of the subject matter, and no respect for historical fact.

This must be the case, because I can't imagine the "Women in Computing" article to be the inaccurate one, what reason would anyone have to distort that?

Telegram still won't hand over crypto keys it says it does not store

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Courage doesn't really come into it. The order is impossible to comply with. They do not have the keys.

Facebook confirms Cambridge Analytica stole its data; it’s a plot, claims former director

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Storm in a teacup.

So let me get this straight:

-Data was collected from people who opted in.

-More data was collected from those of their friends who chose to leave their profiles open to the public.

-Trump and Brexit campaigns used the services of this company, so now people with anti-Trump, anti-Brexit agendas are trying to claim it as a sophisticated psy-op that tricked people in voting the wrong way.

-Throw a Russia connection in, just because everything is Russia's fault these days.

Sorry, not buying it. They didn't have to change people's minds. Both the Trump and Brexit campaigns primarily succeeded because they tapped in to discontent that had long been building among the electorate.

The data that they got from this would only have been useful for researching public opinion, which is a legitimate thing to do. If people don't want their data used in this way, they shouldn't publish it to the world on a public website, which is what an open Facebook profile is.

This is an attempt to manufacture a scandal, and it smacks of desperation. It's about time the Globalist lefties accepted that the public are not on board with their agenda.

Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'

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You won't miss it. I did it 5 years ago and never looked back.

It's begun: 'First' IPv6 denial-of-service attack puts IT bods on notice

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Re: Facebook not running IPv4 at all?

It is indeed a cinch for those worth their salt. It does tend to rile up the low-iq dead wood who have trouble picking up new skills.

For example, the types of people that don't understand the difference between the concepts of network broadcast (a scatter-gun that sometimes goes wrong) and multicast (peers subscribe, routers relay packets only to subscribed peers, perfect bandwidth efficiency and no potential to cause a storm).

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Re: side by side, not

Indeed. If a company has an "ipv6 team", then it's function should only be ensuring the regular network team are fully up to speed and assisting them with deploying the upgrade. Any model of seperate teams is pure idiocy.

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Re: Facebook not running IPv4 at all?

V6 is so complicated that my entire home network automatically configured when they activated it on my connection. It was so seamless it took me a while to notice.

The extra address space may be the driving force behind deployment, but it's not the only advantage. Built in multicast has the potential to reduce streaming bandwidth considerably. Imagine being able to stream video directly to a million people from a home internet connection. With ipv6 this is possible.

Kremlin social media trolls aren't actually that influential, study finds

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The "Russian Bot" psychosis is just the latest variety of "Trump Derangement Syndrome".

Insane leftists, unable to comprehend that some American citizens actually have different opinions to them, have taken to assuming that any contrary opinion posted on social media must have originated in the Kremlin.

I've lost count of the number of times I've been accused of such. They tried to smear anyone tweeting the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo. They're even making lists.

LEDE and OpenWRT kiss and make up

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It wasn't much of a fork anyway, more of a rebellion over project management. The LEDE gang were all the major active developers and OpenWRT withered and died for the last 18 months. Think Xorg or Libreoffice.

All that's happened now is that the OpenWRT project owners have admitted defeat, handed over the cherished brand and allowed the project to be managed in the more open way that the LEDE guys wanted.

Space.. the fi, er, New Frontiers: NASA to hurl space robot at duck comet – or Saturn moon

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Re: Atomic tank

Your comment triggered my Autistic curiosity to analyse this. I think the answer is no.

The thermocouples in an RTG generate electricity from a temperature differential, which is presumably what led you to this idea. Bigger temperature gradient = more power.

However, the radioisotope in the generator is not inherently "hot". It doesn't have a particular temperature, it just generates heat from radioactive decay at a rate that correlates with the half-life. If that heat is not transferred away somewhere, the temperature increases, but an RTG works by utilising that heat.

I would expect the temperature of the isotope in an RTG to find an equilibrium at some margin above the ambient temperature of the environment it is in, the point at which the thermocouple is removing the same amount of energy (as electricity) as the radioactive decay is generating (as heat).

Merry Xmas, fellow code nerds: Avast open-sources decompiler

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Re: Intel ME

Hopefully some enterprising nerd is on the case. We already know it's based on Minix 3, so a comparison of the decompiled code with the MINIX 3 source could tell us quite a lot about Intel's customisations and how it all works.

How fast is a piece of string? Boffin shoots ADSL signal down twine

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Re: ADSL slow? Shurely not!

I enjoy the looks on people's faces when I tell them that in Budapest I get 1Gbps down / 200Mbps up for less than £12 GBP per month.

Internet-wide security update put on hold over fears 60 million people would be kicked offline

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Re: To be fair to ipv6

Please elaborate on what's wrong with ipv6.

Why Uber isn't the poster child for capitalism you wanted

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Re: Uber and London

The Beeb stopped being an impartial news source decades ago, if it ever was one.

Hotter than the Sun: JET – Earth’s biggest fusion reactor, in Culham

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Re: scaling up is the answer?

If solar and battery technology truly were progressing at the rate you suggest, that would be great.

Don't panic, but.. ALIEN galaxies are slamming Earth with ultra-high-energy cosmic rays

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Re: ...an explosive, massive black hole in their centers...

"Explosive" is certainly a poor choice of words for an object that can only consume and never repel matter.

The theory goes that the extreme gravitational and magnetic fields around a supermassive black hole may be capable of accelerating those particles with trajectories that get very close to the event horizon - without actually crossing it - to these phenomenal speeds.

Google can't spare 113 seconds of revenue to compile data on its gender pay gap

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Microsoft raises pistol, pulls the trigger on Windows 7, 8 updates for new Intel, AMD chips

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Leveraging a lock-in that doesn't exist any more.

I think these tactics are liable to backfire in a big way. The decline of the desktop has pushed computing towards a much more platform-neutral market. Microsoft has no "killer apps" any more, if they make things inconvenient for people it's just likely to drive them away.

I've been Microsoft-free for almost 5 years now. Granted, I'm a major nerd. I first tried installing Linux in 1999. By 2007 I was using it a maybe half of the time, but always found myself reverting to Windows for something or another. It wasn't until I put an SSD in my laptop in 2012 that I decided to be brave and have a go at being completely Windows-free. I haven't looked back.

My laptop has a legal license for Windows 7, so I could have had the free Windows 10 upgrade in the first year. It would have been a minor nuisance to swap a different HD in and restore the old Win 7 to obtain the upgrade. I thought about it, but just couldn't be bothered. My indifference to the freebie shows just how far things have come. I really couldn't think of any reason I'd ever want to use it.

Muted HAMR blow from Seagate: damp squib drive coming in 2016

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Re: Helium

Where I come from, liquids aren't capable of shattering.

Google drives a tenth of news traffic? That's bull-doodie, to use the technical term

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Re: How many of these are using Google as their address bar?

What utter bollocks, of course there is a choice. Nothing that Google have done in any way prevents or impedes anyone from getting to the information they want using alternative methods.

Google's search dominance is based on the fact that their product is the best, by a long way.

Silk Road coder turned dealer turned informant gets five years

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Re: The guy was an idiot...

The ones that get caught are idiots. The smart ones cover their tracks, so you're never going to hear about them...

LTE's backers vow to KILL OFF WI-FI and BLUETOOTH

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Re: Going nowhere fast

Going right back to GSM, all the digital mobile network standards have included the function of automatically modulating the transmit power up or down to the lowest level necessary to maintain a usable signal. It's an essential feature to enable efficient use of limited spectrum bandwidth. This is why network operators are able to increase capacity by adding base-stations without having them block their neighbour's spectrum.

So an LTE implementation designed to replace Bluetooth should not transmit at any higher power when devices are in the normal Bluetooth range. It would just be able to boost up to a higher range than Bluetooth.

Shift over, TV firms: LTE Broadcast will nuke current mobile telly tech

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Sorry, but you're talking nonsense.

You appear to have no understanding of the topic at hand.

Firstly, it has no direct bearing on net neutrality. Net neutrality is about how network participants treat each other's traffic. A new technology such as this might be used as an excuse to break net neutrality, but the problem would lie with the ISPs, not the technology.

Secondly, you don't seem to understand the technology at all, and use the words multicast and broadcast interchangeably, while talking about it being "wasteful", which is totally wrong. It makes me suspect that you're talking about IP multicast over LTE. LTE broadcast is a genuine radio broadcast technology implemented on the LTE system.

DVB broadcast = one radio transmission on one frequency listened to by many receivers = efficient.

Conventional IPTV (including IP multicast) over LTE = Individual 2-way LTE frequency channels to each receiver = very inefficient.

LTE broadcast = Single 1-way LTE broadcast frequency channel listened to by all receivers on the cell = as efficient as DVB.

In fact, more efficient, because LTE is much much much better at cramming data into the available frequency spectrum, and cells are more localised and run at much lower transmission power than TV transmitters, so block frequencies from reuse at a much smaller radius. Why are there so few terrestrial HD DVB channels? because they don't have enough spectrum. DVB is a dead-end.

Open source incest: GPL forked by its coauthor

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Re: Woah...

I don't see how the Open/Libre Office fork can be characterised as a "debacle", quite the opposite, it was a demonstration of how the ability to fork inherent in free software projects can be an advantage for the end users.

Very quickly there was no doubt as to which branch users should follow. Everyone that mattered went to LibreOffice. The major Linux distributions adopted it within a few months and the project was re-invigorated after years of stagnation. The same thing also happened in the transition from XFree86 to X.org.

Contrast this with being locked in to a proprietry product which the vendors decide to neglect or take in the wrong direction. You think you would be better off?

BA staff to google for snaps, dirt on biz-class passengers

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So when their Googling reveals my penchant for Cocaine and high-class hookers, will they be laying them on for me on a long-haul?

Tube bosses: 'Wireless tickets too slow, we think'

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Re: It'll make paperless statements more popular.

More logical would be to do a pre-auth for the maximum daily charge (It's something like 15 or 20 quid) on the first bonk, then reconcile things and charge the actual amount owed at the end of the day.

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Re: Response time of Passengers

Your supermarket must have better self-service machines than my local Tesco. In my experience, bagging as you scan shifts the weight around too much, confusing the system and resulting in numerous "Unexpected item in bagging area" messages that require a member of staff to override before you can continue scanning. I changed to from "bag as you scan" to "scan, then bag" on the advice of a staff member and now I whizz through much quicker than most of the self-scan amateurs around me.

75,000 Raspberry Pi baked before August

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Re: Cheap media streamer?

"Don't get me wrong - I love the RasPi, but if someone just wants a low-cost, plug'n'play HDMI media player: once they've invested in all the necessary add-ons and the time needed to configure the Pi, I think they'd be better off with something like a WD Live or Apple TV."

The people buying Raspberry Pis for this purpose don't want plug-and-play, we want openness and customisability. You won't get that from WD, and especially not from Apple.

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"And the amount of people who say "I want it to do X" - media centre PC, emulators, etc. - and the answer is basically "It won't" show that it's being regarded as some general purpose device instead of a small embedded unit that's not suitable for most things a smartphone can manage."

It can do most of the things a smartphone can manage. It has the guts of a smartphone, after all, minus things like the radio, keyboard and screen, all of which can be attached via external ports as required. It's eminently suitable as a network media player, having ethernet, 1080p playback capability, HDMI output, and running linux which has plenty of media centre options available.

If you're seeing lot's of "it can'ts", it's only because the software to easily achieve these tasks has not been ported yet - and this will change once enough people start getting their hands on the thing.

Samsung shows 'designed for humans' handset

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Paris Hilton

Re: also automation is worrying

"It's worrying as it might automaticaly send the latest picture you accidently take to all youre friends, heck your mate might take a picture of his privates on your phone for a laugh for your phone to not know it was your mate or have any form of facial identification and as such automaticly upload to your flicker accounts on natrual surroundings which is PG rated. This is automation."

Clearly such automation needs appropriate safeguards built in. Perhaps some sort of penile recognition technology to ensure that it only automatically uploads pictures of it's rightful owner's privates to Flickr and Facebook.

Indiana cops arrest violent 6-year-old

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Re: The good old days when a quick smak fixed 99% of the se problems.

"Would it be ok for a Policeman to administer a smack to an adult, if the adult wasn't co-opertating with him? No, it certainly would not and it's the same for kids."

Er, police are allowed to use reasonable, proportional physical force when justifiable as necessary against uncooperative individuals. Are you now proposing that police lose their enforcement powers and just have to try to talk violent criminals into calming down?

"Please stop stabbing that woman, sir, it's not very nice."

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Re: @voland

They are not renouncing their authority. Their authority to implement effective measures to control children was taken from them a long time ago by stupid legislation.

Those of you who are blaming the teachers here, please eloborate on your vague notions of "having control" or "asserting authority" and explain exactly what they should do when a child ignores their verbal instructions to behave.


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