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What bugs me the most? World+dog just accepts crap software resilience


Functioned as designed

Your larger point is well taken, and I agree. But in the specific case of the 737 Max software, we will find that it is a "garbage-in-garbage-out" problem, the roots of which go way, way back, before "software updates" were even a thing. In this case, the algorithm is flawed.

In every motion control system, there are actuators and sensors. For example, "move the control surface" and then "what is my new angle of attack?" In the 737 Max software, you have an inverse (divergent, open-loop) problem, that is a single-sensor reading causing an unrelated actuator to engage. This problem will be fixed by using a redundant sensor, that is, either a second angle-of-attack sensor, or an accelerometer / gyro / wind speed / air flow sensor to confirm the initial sensor. AND THEN make the decision to change a control surface. Normally this "redundant sensor" would be the pilot, but this video game programmer who wrote the 737 Max software has optimized this critical step out of his algorithm. In other words, an actuator has been commanded based on a single sensor reading, and faulty logic of the software designer. If this sensor is defective, the logic fails.

The software probably functioned as designed. (It always does.)

A vintage year for snoopers and big state-ists


Blame it on the previous prez (BYKT)

Don't blame the MuslimDB on the Orange one. There was already one in place, but since the Black one and his administration was using it, it must have been OK. See https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2016/12/america-already-had-a-muslim-registry/511214/ for details.

Get ready for a grim future where bees have shorter tongues


Honey-eaters are required to pay for more research. Science has spoken.

Did they compare the average temperature from 1975 (or would it be the max? the min? that causes favorable genetic changes in bee tongues?) to today's average temperature? Is there anything else that could cause bee's tongue to change shape or size besides the amount of CO2 and cow farts produced in industrial societies and farms?

Looks to me like there is much more research to do. How on earth will they get funded for this... I can't imagine.

Intel 'underestimates error bounds by 1.3 QUINTILLION'


Re: Isn't this obvious?

Yes, but even that is an order of magnitude less than a googol.

Netflix FREEZES prices for existing UK users to stop them quitting vid-streaming service


Last week I dumped my Netflix subscription due to the poor streaming performance I receive using my Comcast connection. Then today, I received a notice saying the price is going up by a couple of dollars but they promise not to raise it again for two years if I don't change anything. I do think that the price increase helps cover the payout Netflix is having to make to cable providers, to accept their data streams. I'm only one voice, but I refuse to take part in this extortion. See ya.

Union warns of strike action against HP


Department for Work and Pensions?

I guess if that is what this department does, then they will be successful. For they found work for some Indian chaps, and now some of your British folks can see if their pension works out well, also.

My apologies for sounding callous here, but I am only acknowledging that your country and mine (USA) have fallen victim to elected officials being in power and making decisions which are not in the best interest of the people whom they are charged with serving. So sad.

Twitter airport bomb joker loses second job



I was in Orlando Fl one time with my family, at a wild wave pool, and one of those micro-dust devils came through and picked up my umbrella and made me chase it across the park.


Uh oh, there are the word police at the front door now...

Google blames Wi-Fi snooping on rogue engineer



In my line of work, I get things done. I turn data into information, and I use whatever tools are available for me to do so. Instead of delivering excuses, I deliver results. In some other people's line of work, their job is to complain about unfair advantages that some people have.

I believe Google is a lot like the former, and industry pundits are a lot like the latter.

Google tool ranks gov appetite for your private data


Google is not the bad guy

It sure looks to me that the government is the one who is snooping. Google is simply providing something that the customer is asking for, and being open about it. Maybe the government should take a hint. After all, Google is polling better in customer satisfaction than the government is. That should tell us something.

Lord Carlile: Police are taking the proverbial on terror


You get what you deserve

You guys keep electing these people? What do you expect to happen?

I know, I know, in America we are just as stupid. Why do we keep doing it to ourselves?

By the way, if you want a really good password, use a passphrase like "you have no right to violate my privacy." And then keep telling them the password over and over. Letter of the law, my friend, letter of the law.


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