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Has HP blundered big time?

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Not so fast there ...

Good journo copy this - Good Guy gets rough deal - teams up with rival team to fight again for his honour ... The Sweet Taste of Revenge!!! Oh ... and do you sell Popcorn as well? You can almost see Speilberg or Scorsese running to do the deal now.

Fact is that Hurd run out of ideas, big time. He's a cost cutter, pure n' simple - it's what he does, As Hurd's friend Ellison points out, he was involved in intergrating Terradata at NCR - but that was quite awhile back.

Of course, HP has to sue - it would look strange if they didn't. But maybe they don't need to worry :)


Shuttleworth steps down as Canonical CEO


The "Steviefiction" of Shuttleworth ...

At last! Someone from the Linux world stepping up to the same job-spec as Steve Jobs - focusing on the important stuff, the strategy and what-not. Who else but Mark Shuttleworth ...

uPhone, anyone?


Google: We avoid hiring too many smart people...


The monumental, self-appointed, smug, arrogance of it all ...

I don't work for Google, have never worked for Google ... and now I have yet more reasons why not to.

They clearly believe and presume that all the so-called, self-appojnted "smart" people would actually want to work for Google! Well, I can tell them that they are very, very wrong ... Google takes you in - and then they spits you right back out again.

You know, the thing about arrogance and the belief that you have the world in your pocket ... is that you don't. Really not - not even Google.

Arrogance is a blindness to your own weaknesses and to the strengths of others - which almost certainly leads to a massive downfall. Why work for a company which is likely to screw up big sometime real soon now?

Remember Icarus. And .. er ... Vista :)



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