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BlackBerry taking action to fix 'pop-out' screen – namely more glue

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Mine went

Got it first week and it was rock solid for two months, my S7 was relegated to back up, totally brilliant device for what i wanted and so glad to have a keyboard back in hand. I was watching the news about the screen pop and thinking it would happen to other people.....yep it hit me last week. Noticed it lifting at one corner when the phone was face down. To be honest i didnt want to be without it so just nipped it around the corner to the local apple repair specialist (the guy makes a nice living from repairing the fruit bars which tells me everything i need to know about them) and he reglued it for a drink, it was out of my hands for 10 minutes and its back to rock solid. Yes its a pain in the arse but early adopters are used to pain.

On a side note Apple repair man was very impressed with it.

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S III

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Re: The new...

surely better than the fashion victims Samsung?

Apple Digital AV Adapter

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If Only

Apple may charge you £35 notes, it doesnt mean they pay cent one over the going rate, couple that with the fact that their cluster last year at Foxconn has put the labour rates in the delta up by 35% (and no it is no acceptable to try and pass that on to the OEM's) and it does hurt a little to see what they think is fair value and how they all bitch when we try and increase unit prices because copper is going through the roof. They are all as bad as one another, when i am home i regularly get asked to leave electronics superstores when i interrupt them trying to sell some poor schmuck a £50 Monster HDMI or what have you, if Apple think their fanbois will stand it good luck to them, but when the Reg reviews something like this a line sir, has been crossed.

I feel better for that.

Heng Li Town, in lovely DG. Come for the smog, stay for the culture. Beer because i need one.

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Speaking as Idiot 3

I am a cable manufacturer, and specifically a China based, OEM supplier or Video cables and adapters.

When i said $5 tops it wasn't a figure i plucked out of either the air or my arse.

That pie you are eating, humble enough for ya?

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£35 for a cable.

At no point should this ever be deemed acceptable. By reviewing this product you are only helping to maintain this practise and support Apple and other OEM's in ripping off the end user. This assembly is manufactured for $5 tops, giving Apple a margin that would make Heroin delears green with envy. At some point in the process fo becoming a fanboi i would suggest that your common sense fell out of your ear.

Gonk because Muppet Icon is not available.

Asus prices up netbook-convertible Android tablet

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And thats my pre order cancelled

FFS i am so sick and tired of being ripped off by multi nationals. This is a US$503 product in Taiwan at launch. I wanted two of these and hoped it would mean i could avoid getting shafted by PC World for the Xoom. Can anybody tell me why that whole grey market is such a bad thing again?

Is this the world's biggest USB cable?

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Seen bigger.

Fool, thats not a cable. Its a harness.

Royal Navy starts work on new, pointless frigates

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But its just so pointy

And would make a great place for the Admirals to host cocktail parties around the sunnier climes.

Taken directly from the RN buyers handbook. Alas, it is only two pages long.

Dell offloads Polish factory to Taiwanese manufacturer

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I for one welcome our new Chinese masters

Seriously, Foxconn (Hon Hai) are the number one CEM in the business, the quality will improve, the price will drop and the plant will expand supplying more jobs to the locals. If in doubt look at what they have done in the Czech Republic, their plant there is the number 2 export earner for the country after Skoda and is expanding every year. What they should do is buy Dell out elsewhere and show them how it's done.

None of the above has anything to do with Dell being the biggest bunch of shysters in the business who are not fit to polish monitors or dribble on keyboards, they are good at giving the simple minded a simple product that keeps them happy between re runs of the x factor. That and spam mail, but an IT company.....not in a long while.

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