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Microsoft 'fesses up to Windows Phone 8 reboot bug

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A bit of honestly.

At least they are man enough to own up to a problem unlike some others.

I can't recall the number of times I have read "Cuppertino we're unavailable for comment"

Fanboi's will go on about iOS Maps now, but be realistic, that is the first time Apple have ever admitted to poor design or a mistake.

Boss wrong to demote man over anti-gay-marriage Facebook post


Re: And the individual discriminated against .......

Which I find absolutely disgusting as according to the cretin of a manager ("I am glad this matter is settled") .. Um, NO .. its not chuffing settled. You are still in a job and clearly should not be in any position of authority outside a petting zoo.

Nokia HERE iOS maps app review


Re: Lost me at pinch to zoom

As I recall, Pinch Zoom has been trolled.. I mean patented by Apple and so you must pay royalties to use this totally obvious and most basic of UI applications. Apple.. driving innovation.

Design guru: Windows 8 is 'a monster' and 'a tortured soul'


This guy is talking utter rubbish.

To view the active apps you place your finger on the left middle of the screen and swipe toward the right.

There is no Harry potter style waggling of a wand at the screen and shouting Fanboi chants.

THE REG... Please stop publishing utterly inaccurate and badly researched articles.

How spreadsheets (nearly) conquered and killed the financial industry


I will use an analogy:


There is a race starting in 2 weeks time (custom built vehicles only).

There are two teams.

Team 1) The "do it right team"

Team 2) The "do it quick and do it cheap team"

Neither team has a car yet.

The Winner of the race secures finances to fund their team for another year. The loser, well, they don't.

Team 1 start deciding if they want a shiny F1 car or a Muscular Nascar and deliberate over how padded the seat should be and which direction the window winder will rotate. Oh, and what colour decals. They spend 1.5 weeks documenting what they want. They then determine it will take 14 weeks to build using a sub-contractor and that testing of the car will take another 4 weeks with some modifications made after. Total cost $4,000,000

Meanwhile Team 2 has decided to use a plank of wood with a few cheap caster wheels and some pedals. Designed in 1 day and built in 1 week. Total cost $120

Race day comes !

Team 1 say their car is "going" to be great. Fast, shiny and cool. They are disqualified for not having a car.

Team 2 show up with a pedal car to the bemusement of judges.

The Race :

Although problematic as the wheels fell of twice, but because of the simple design, fixing mid race was a doddle. Team 2 win, although not in style. But they win and secure funding.


Moral of the story.

It doesn't matter how supportable or amazing your system is if it does not deliver when needed.


Just because you have an IT process does not mean you must doggedly follow it (ITIL). Do what is needed for your organisation. Hell, build them a sh*tty pedal car if that's what is needed to stay in business.


I stand by my point.. all the IT types just don't understand the speed at which change needs to happen. This is why Excel is so prevalent. Its all very well saying excel is crap and dangerous and overused, but business cannot wait weeks for a changes that needs to happen within an hour. So unless you work in a business that has no change (highly unlikely) or you can speed up controlled change to suit your IT golden shiny tower needs then Excel is here to stay. I suggest spending a month in the undetached real world of business, you would quickly realise why most people say their IT organisations are crap.


This is all very well and good saying change should be centralised, but in all reality when this decision is made it comes down like an anvil and literally all control moves to the centralised team stifling any change which in turn infuriates the users and they circumvent the system due to the incredibly slow and painful experience of documenting in IT requirements what they want when their specialty is something completely different. This article sets out to attack the likes of Excel, but without this most basic of tools computer usage would be a decade behind where we are today so it needs to be given some level of respect. If we were to remove excel it wouldn't mean centralisation but it would mean pen and paper and a calculator. Progress is what is needed in the speed that it is needed. Centralisation works when change is needed to be slow. Listen to the users, they are what matters, not your IT job.

Windows Phone 8 reboot woe causes outpouring of forum misery


My iPhone reboots all the time when launching apps or switching apps. After 5 years you would think they would be fixed by now.

Black Ops 2 takes HALF A BEELLION DOLLARS in just ONE DAY


I think you need to use the "fan" term quite loosely.

After the clusterf**k that was the release of BLOPS1 I wouldn't touch another Treyarch game if it was on sale in Walmart for $1 with some free candy thrown in. I would rather spend a night watching vids of your mum on Youtube being trained by a group of homeless dudes with hygiene issues.


I have played COD since its debut and to be honest, each game since Modern Warfare 2 seems pretty much identical with the totally bland and unbelievable "Soap" I have such a sexy Sean Connery Voice Mctavish.. YAWN!!!!! ... At least do something new for christ sake.. and to all the morons who buy this drivel. Just replay COD2 .. its exactly the same as the new one.

Alan Sugar's YouView loses brand judgment in court

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I actually think that a good idea, and far more 2012.

Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 handset review

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Get mine on 15th Nov

I live in Bangkok, Thailand and I pick up my fully unlocked slate grey 920 on the 15th November. Was £429 and I get a 7% rebate at the airport when I fly out of the country in December.

I personally went for this phone as its Microsoft and I quite like the Dev community support I have received over the years, it seems far more friendly and willing to help than the Apple Dev community. I have not experienced Android Dev's.

Apple to ditch Intel – report


Only in the garden of Eden.

Apple fanatics are so engrossed in their "religion" they just bend over and take anything from Apple. I can only imagine what would happen to Microsoft if it attempted or even entertained this idea. Microsoft is just as bad as Apple, but at least its user base is detached enough to think clearly.

Google expects Apple to block its not crap iOS maps app


Antitrust law?

I am sure if Apple were to reject Googles Maps without good cause then this would be in flagrant breach of the AntiTrust Laws. But then this is Apple, and when have they been bothered about business ethics.

Steve Jobs' Apple-powered yacht makes belated first trip


It works perfectly but you have it in the wrong sort of water.


Let me guess.... This costs 3 times a comparative and possibly superior specified boat and it will be replaced by a slightly longer version with exactly the same innards in 6 months time whereby the old boat jwill be deemed uncool, none of the new key designs for doors will work and you will not be able to refuel the new boat without a special adaptor priced at a reasonable 20% of the cost of the new boat.

Dow it have a little red dot that appears invalidating any warranty if it goes anywhere near water or humidity?

Windows 8 pricing details announced as preorders begin

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I am actually quite looking forward for something new and different. Windows has not really changed since Windows 95.

Copper-obsessed BT means UK misses out on ultrafast fibre gold


Ironically the copper in the ground is worth as much as BT Openreach, so if they were to dig it all up and replace it with fibre it would cost very little. Unfortunately BT dont own all the copper so their hands are tied. OFCOM need to be lobbied to have this issue resolved.

Eric Schmidt: Ha ha, NO Google maps app for iPhone 5


Bing maps makes a mockery of iOS6 maps. Good info locations, accurate roads and junctions, good direction calculation and to top it off Aerial Photos of a lot of places in the UK that can be rotated. Yes its not a glamorous 3d rendering, but very few people actually live in the tiny area where this has been implemented.

Apple have REALLY fooked up on this one.

They should change their slogan to "There's an better app for that on another smartphone"

iPhone 5 Lightning cables sticking in USB ports


I love how "Apple had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication."

Basically they see if there is a way they can side step their responsibilities, when at the end of the day they should just say we "are looking into it"

Just goes to show how little they respect the users of their technology.

Apple's iCloud goes titsup, email evaporates for unlucky 1%

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Nothing good about clouds

This is in no way aimed at any cloud service, but at the premise alone.. Clouds are destined to be a pile of cack, centralisation means that one error effects everyone and in my experience centralisation like this actually means that the effective run time of any of the drives is amplified and the MTBF from a user perspective massively reduced, their "solutions" introduce multiple points of failure above a simple desktop. Not only this, I have to pay money to a Telco to access my own information - simply ludicrous. My PC has been fault free for as long as I can remember and I keep backups of my work (code, emails, financials). I am only at the mercy of my SMTP provider and I have multiple of those as another backup.. Why would I EVER want to share ANYTHING with a massive corporation that can be hacked, have disgruntled employees, snoop on my photos or location, god forbid "innovate" my work and patent it before me.

Cloud is for vein teenagers that want to show the world how pretty, stupid and lazy they are that they be bothered or simply can't work out how to copy files from their camera and upload them.

Steve Jobs action figure set for shop shelves



Does it come with a removable Pancreas?

Serial slurry fetish man jailed again


Random Jokes

I bet he was in a "slurry" to get out of there when the rozza's turned up

When approached, did he curl up in the fecal position?

You tarzan .. me thane

Gordon brown talks so much shyte I am sure this guy would like to be his number 2

Did they search his "hot pockets" ?

Do you think he is a police informer? He's got Grass all over him.

In his cell he will be chewing the cudd.

Do you think the government will tax him for Climate change offences?

This guys is clearly round the "U" bend

etc..etc.. Could go on, but I wont inflict anymore on you.


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