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India PayPal mess will take months to fix

Uncle Siggy
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Come again!

An' don' let the facking door hit you in the gob on the way oot!

US economy sheds 20,000 jobs in January

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Outsourced Fail

@Eduard Coli Please assume I'm not a hater or racist as the context for my following remarks. The Indians I have worked with stateside, work stateside so they can be treated like humans in terms of wage and conditions. A couple of my Indian coworkers stateside have the same apprehension about loss of job to outsource farms where, like testing groups, projects tend to go sideways, and under a third wave of reorganization the hairball is tossed back into our laps. Of course, legions of workers in any country should be wary of crafty automation.

Star Trek to boldly go (again)

Uncle Siggy

Negative Universe Borg

I vote for the opposite Star Trek to be the baddies, where the Borg are the heroes. The movie would be about the Enterprise and her crew seeking to destroy the Borg because... oh, wait a tick.

Scammers scrape RAM for bank card data

Uncle Siggy

security through obscurity = fail

Kerckhoff's principle


I would have given you a Paris if she'd known what cryptography meant.

For the record and with rare exceptions every lock has a keyhole.


Pretending that you can fool a locksmith or thief into believing that a lock hasn't got a hole (when it does), is like proffering a BBQ'd t-bone to a rutting bull.

Lost mobiles to pile up in taxis in run up to Xmas

Uncle Siggy

In the spirit of the season...

@Lars Don't you mean St. Nokialaus?


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