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Android gets talk-tastic Froyo upgrade

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Thats OLD voice search

Everyone has the OLD voice search.

The new one came out a few days ago on their site and on the market yesterday.... if you you have Froyo.

Since the X10 isnt even shipping with éclair yet I don't think you have it or know what youre talking about.

On my Samsung Galaxy S [beta froyo ROM] I can confirm it works but is much more comfortable with US accents - as explained in the long terms and conditions. Im sure it will work with the 20 odd languages and accents the OLD voice search does currently...

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OLD voice search

You dont have Froyo - thats 2.2 so you havent tried the new search. The old one is even on blackberry and nokia and supports a load of languages and accents. The article is about the new one

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You are absolutely right

A lot of people seem to think their non froyo devices are running this. No device has it pre-installed, thats the standard voice search that doesn't do transcription or much else.

Eris - not froyo, you dont have it

X10 - nowhere close to froyo, you dont have it

'Death to browsers!' cries Apple mobile-app patent


Local vs Cloud based apps

Have nothing to do with whether they run inside the browser or not.

Lets not confuse the multitude of programs that run in browsers currently [or the ones google would like to run on chromium OS systems], with those that explicitly run in the cloud.

You can harness all the power of your local system with a web based application regardless of where its hosted also as long as its written with that in mind.

The next big thing you allude to is what Google are trying to achieve

UK.gov slams Facebook over Moat fan clubs

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Limited Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech does not exist on Facebook. I have had my account closed on more than one occasion for infringing on the calling Mark Zuckerberg a c*nt policy.

Mark will trumpet on about free speech as long as the content isnt too disagreeable to him and gives no fodder for legal action.

More importantly I think sympathy for Moat is more about general hatred of police in the UK than anything else. If they spent time and money pursuing criminals rather than road users we might be in support of them by default.


A little restraint with tax payers money would havent gone amiss!

They took too long and used too many people to apprehend him. Since his target was police and not the public why not just go on high alert and wait him out.

Also Mr Moat is the least heinous category of murder - mental issues, perhaps the only category that deserves our help rather than a needle in the neck fit for all the rest that kill, rape, abuse children.

Gateway DS50 Core i3 desktop PC


Gateway? You mean Acer!

Isnt it funny they still call it Gateway when you can clearly see acer branding on the motherboard.

When you buy a company and youre number 2 in the world why not let everyone know?

Speed cameras slide out of LibCon budget


The problem is THE LAW

We vote in a party and then sit back and do nothing when they create laws we dont agree with or dont make sense.

I agree we are all to blame for not being outraged when new laws are passed about road use and we fail to complain to our MPs.

There was a mild grumble about:

Digital Economy Bill

Criminalsing mephedrone

Landline tax

But did we actually stand up and do something about it? Nope. Hence we are in a situation where knee jerk legislation means we have ridiculous and illogical law making.


more police is not the answer

Thats simply uneconomic. You want an extra 50000 officers to watch our every move?

How about giving firmer advice on safe distances to the car infront and enforcing fines on tail gaters?

How about asking drivers to prove their competence every 5 or 10 years with another driving test?

How about having to prove your eyesight is good enough to be behind the wheel unaided or that you own the corrective aids to enable you to see.

The largest contributing factor to accidents is lack of observation not speed. If we make sure everyone is on the same page - if you passed 30 years ago youve had 30 years to develop poor habits and get complacent and lazy - that might help too.


how constructive

Youre probably the twat that insists on driving too slowly on the motorway - moving lane to prevent others getting on with their own business.

And insist on driving at the speed limit in heavy rain and fog.

But well done with the clean license.

Hope you become the victim of road rage.

iPad's brain not so unique


Battery issues

The problem with the battery life isn't a result of the choice of OS its drivers.

Try running windoes in safe mode, performance is crap and battery on your laptop will be dead in an hour. If someone wrote the full hardware drivers for android we might actually see a real comparison.

Another thing you might consider is Android actually has a proper multitasking scheme, which inevitably will chew up battery.

Would be nice to be able to boot iOS and Android on both Apple and other native android devices using the ARM A8 based processors.

Jobs: iPhone sales spank Android


Get a Blackberry

If the PIM side of things is your real issue and dont need to play pointless games.

Though sounds like you need some sort of software update on the Desire or a warranty replacement.

Pakistani lawyer petitions for death of Mark Zuckerberg


@Lou Gosselin

As much as you might like it to be true that being nice to someone will make them nice to you it simply isn't the case.

Grow up. Muslims don't think like you and I. Their faith is more important than their lives or any rational thought. You might want a peaceful coexistence but that is not an objective laid out in the Qur'an. We are an obstacle to be crushed not a potential ally. Mohammed doesn't teach people to play well with others just to destroy or assimilate.

I do not think its bigotry to be realistic about the potential for peace. You cant afford to open your arms and welcome someone who doesn't want to be your friend. You can turn the other cheek, I will take an eye for an eye - preferably pre emptively.

You go back to your salad and your human rights campaigns for our enemies and the rest of us will worry about your safety.


@Lou Gosselin

The Internet is a British invention from the BBS, newsgroup and IRC origins at British universities to the founding father of the Internet Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Next you are going to state that USA gave us TV, electric, golf, fibre optics, nuclear power, flushing toilets, steam engines, radio etc etc.

I should have stated more clearly we fund the Internet disproportionately. The rest of the worlds consumers [China and Japan excluded] freeload.

Excuse me but where does anyone in the west benefit from Pakistan being on our Internet?

The correct term would be xenophobia not racism but lets not be pedantic. Its nothing to do with race, its to do with cultures that purport to be against our culture and ideologies yet have the nerve to complain about how we use our creations.

On the point of innocent, anyone who idly sits by and does nothing about their own country funding, training and sheltering terrorists is no more innocent that those who commit crimes against the west.

We are already too accommodating of the needs of foreign nations with interests that are not just different but on too many occasions in direct conflict with our own.

Liberals like yourself are happy to give away the privileges generations have sacrificed to provide for us to those who lack the ability to not fight each other long enough to make any real contribution to mankind.

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Lets not restrict the criminality to the west

Having spent quite a lot of time in various middle eastern countries its apparent that almost every person 15-30 who has any level of wealth [albeit a minority in numbers] should also be subject to punishment for.

Drinking alcohol

Premarital sex

Taking drugs

Dressing like a slut

There's no difference between a night out in Amman and a night out in London bar the fact that everyone jumps in a taxi immediately upon leaving the club rather than hanging around for a fight.


re A small modification if I may?

NO you may not.

I say OUR not every bodies because the majority of the backbone equipment and data centres are situated and paid for by European or North American nations. We are also the only ones who contribute toward managing and planning ongoing development.

But I agree - we should never apologise for our cultures ethos of freedom. Anyone who disagrees with it and threatens us should be greeted with an 'F you Jimmy'.

As much as I hate Mr Z and his awful service and its breeches of free speech I take threats against our culture seriously.


re Civilised?

With regard to asylum seekers - Its a mark of a civilized country that we even accept requests for asylum. Said seeker should feel blessed that we allow him to stay and give him food in any form. He would likely be afforded a small cell and daily torture if he went home where he belongs.

If you want to compare, pop over to Pakistan and see if you can seek asylum at all. See if they will even bring you an interpreter if you dont speak the language.

I guess I will see you back at Heathrow in a couple days [if you are lucky].

I think when we talk about civilization we are referring to:

Disparity between rich and poor

Free speech

Not supporting terrorists

Not exploiting children

Respecting others right to be alive

Having a voice politically and legally

A general standard of education regardless of wealth

A general standard of healthcare regardless of wealth

Freedom from discrimination on basis of gender

Freedom from discrimination on basis of sexuality

Freedom from discrimination on basis of religion

Stop being such an ungrateful moron, we live in prosperous countries in the lap of luxury.


RE Re: As far as I was aware

Why would you assume I refer to the US? I am British.

But on the contrary the Internet was setup and IS mostly funded by USA, Britain, Germany, France - ie the west.

We can happily do without the non english content contributed by Pakistan, for that matter I would take no issue with disconnecting China too.

They can have their own Internet just by fragmenting the network. We dont need them, they need us.


As far as I was aware

All computer users [Pakistan inclusive] are able to decide which websites to visit. If they don't like the content don't use Facebook.

Why in the west do we feel the need to bend over backward to make our cultures accommodate anyone else's? We certainly are not afforded the same courtesy in return.

Since the Internet is a western creation, controlled by civilized countries shouldn't we give the ultimatum. On our Internet we will exercise freedom of speech. If you don't like it you don't have to be part of it.

High-living hacker swaps Porsche for porridge

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Its not the polices fault

They are thick as pigsh!t.

Typically the loser from school who wasn't academic enough to achieve anything, didn't have the social abilities to have any real friends, was a bully.

BT workers get strike ballots


What is this socialist BS

Exec bonuses are a matter of contract. For turning the fortunes of the company around and bringing it back to profitability they get a whacking bonus. They are the ones who made the difficult choices and took risks to achieve this. If they had failed they would be unemployed.

Sales people get paid commission on the money they bring into the business, exec bonuses are no different.

The low level staff just turned up for 40 odd hours a week and followed orders.

If management hadn't done their jobs well the would be strikers wouldn't have jobs or wages to complain about.

If I were running BT I would be starting a mass recruitment drive to replace anyone who doesn't want to work for BT.

Unions are an unnecessary, counter productive relic. A strike is generally a precursor to a hostile takeover or a failed company.

Superslim iPhone 4 enough to fend off Android?


Step out of your back yard for a moment

Almost every smart phone in UK since 2004 has had a front facing camera. The real issue is that nobody wants to make video calls. Its just the USA that lags behind in network features because you have such a fragmented and under invested infrastructure.

The original premise of 3 network in UK was all about video calling, now its never mentioned.

The real power of Apple is to popularise a feature that nobody ever cared about before. If they can make video calling de rigueur then it will benefit the whole industry. [Perhaps not the consumer in any way]

...doubt it though


Android doesnt want YOU

No manufacturer of Android based smart phones is trying to sell to Apple fanbois!

That's like Jehovahs Witness going door to door in Iran. If you are ignorant enough to jump on that bandwagon you'll never see sense.

Tories declare students a burden on us all

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A sliding scale of funding from 0% for Surf Board Design Principles BA all the way up to 100% for Accountancy, Anything Engineering etc.

Obviously the subsidy should be partially means tested so that we arent giving the children of the highly paid free Law degrees but by no means should we be subsidising Flower Arranging.

I have no problem with people studying junk degrees if that is their passion, just don't expect tax payers to fund your 3 year holiday.

Apple TV said to enter the heavens at $99


16 GB? I dont think so

What would you need any storage for? If you are watching streamed media rather than downloading 128MB of RAM would be more than enough - works fine for all the Realtek based streaming devices currently on the market that can do 1080p...

The point of a cloud based device is not to store content hence no option to 'pirate' content, no opportunity to skip adverts.

RIM's BlackBerry OS 6 may be too late to fend off Apple

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VoIP please

The only thing that would keep me with the RIM hardware is a native SIP client. If thats not part of v6.0 then I am off to android... Only been waiting for a SIP stack for 5 years.

RIM ties in corporate drones with VoIP over Wi-Fi


Only been asking for native SIP for about 5 years

Wouldnt it be great if I could just throw any old SIP providers settings into the handset... If it doesnt happen for consumers in the next device I guess I will give up and go Android.

HTC Desire


Hold up

Lets not forget that Mr Jones is talking of anecdotal here-say whereas the respondent actually owns an android device.

Bloke threatens BT with giant plywood cheque

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Its ok to be a pedant when youre right

But youre not.

Thats an industry group guideline to help cheque issuers and processors deal with them not a legal requirement.

Tories may scrap IR35 tax rules for contractors


100% Salary

Dont pat yourself on the back for being the stupidest contractor around - its your right to use the tax laws to your advantage; theres no benefit to you or paying more tax. HMRC wont send you a xmas card or remember your bithday.

MS sees Windows 7 leap, but XP workhorse refuses to die


XP 64 bit


BlackBerry hooks up with LinkedIn

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You may not have realised that the majority of over 50s need glasses to read. Big text wont harm you or I but is essential to lazy old men who cant be bothered to put on their glasses while browsing on their Blackberrys sat in traffic.

Million pound Usenet indexer found guilty

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Then surely the correct response is to steal the idea and do it on the legal. If there was a newzbin run by the MPAA then they could capitalise on peoples desire for protected content.

Im pretty sure even at 10 times the price [Newzbin charges 30p a week] millions of people would pay for a legal alternative.

MPAA are too stupid to adapt their business model to survive the inevitable. Movies will be downloaded no matter who they sue, someone will get paid - just not them for the moment.



Its odd that this wasnt part of their defence!

If I use a tomtom to find an exs new house so that I can go round and kill her does that mean tomtom are liable?


No need for index?

The index helps one know what is available - theres no need for the NZB. Equally you could got to TVRage or TV.com and see what was aired last night in USA or IMDB to see what came out on DVD etc,

Using any usenet client you could just search for the file and select the list of articles yourself. A download and repair takes under 15 minutes and is fully automated by grabit et al....

Why not post the NZBs on USENET rather than the website, problem solved


Ton of wonga?

Turning over just under a million and making 300k profit doesnt sound like a ton of money to me!

Unless its in pound coins.

Im sure plenty of ad supported torrent and usenet sites make just as much. Registering as a legal entity in UK was the issue.


a bit thick?

Film, TV and Music industries need to understand simple concepts. Put their prices down and there will be no incentive for people to bother downloading for free.

If HD movies were sub $5 without DRM who would even be concerned about a free copy? Perhaps only those who would never consider paying at any price.

I thought it was already an accepted fact that those who illegally download music in UK also spend more on average on music than those who do not.

If the industry vultures who prey on the creatives who actually make the material we consume werent so short sighted and greedy then they would already be a solution.

The pr0n industry have embraced and innovated with regard to digital content, some have prospered - those who deserve to fail do so.

Until creatives, consumers and govt realise the problem is the ignorant tw@ts that run these industries not people who pirate we will all be ripped off / criminalised / exploited.

This is a win for 17 overpaid VPs at Sony / Colombia and wherever; well done - with enough money who cant confused a stupid judge.

Why the Google antitrust complaint is not about Microsoft


Isnt Google a business?

Surely they can do whatever the hell they want with search rankings?

If we as consumers of Googles search disagree with unfair or irrelevant results then we have the freedom to go Bing/Yahoo! to our hearts content. Google isnt the only search in town and theres no obstacle to anyone choosing to "search" instead of Google for information.

EU regulators should mind their business and get back to worrying about agricultural quotas.

Darling confirms telephone line tax


Pole dancing

Who would put the fibre there? Theres a tonne of fibre installers in the UK, BT being one.

Who will maintain it once it's up? Read above

Who will replace dodgy poles? Read above

Who will pay for the fibre? As above - it might also be worth noting that fibre is cheaper than copper by quite a margin - its the termination, planning applications and digging up roads that costs the money.

WD targets Win XP users to ease 4KB drive upgrades


yeah thanks

...only a consumer [and I do mean that as a derogatory term] would have such a narrow minded view.

Some of us are part of [or manage] a corporate network infrastructure and as such cannot move to Windows 7. If M$ spent the time to talk to businesses about what they need rather than pandering to fashion and entertainment needs of consumers then we wouldn't have a problem. Why would anyone want an OS 'upgrade' that delivers no performance benefit and no useful new features.

Where in the OS portfolio of M$ is there an upgrade from XP for anyone who doesnt want to stream movies or organise their pictures? Where is Windows 7 workstation or any variant that doesnt f@ck up everyones network with its 'helpful' wizards?

Google contradicts self, confirms own Googlephone



Anyone else have any idea what this nutjob is on about?

A mobile phone is a device with radio(s).

Any manufacturer would have to be pretty mental to make a phone for a non standard network that isnt rolled out anywhere.

Nothing operates at such a low frequency, even crappy old GSM is 850/900 Mhz.

Google arent in the datacentre business per se.

No call uses 1GB of data nor would require that data rate, typically we also state in Mbps or Gbps not bytes of any sort.

Where did the fantasy figures even come from?

Lots of young adults still sexting shock

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not Newton are you!

Don't fault someone else's logic when your analogy isn't sound.

Killing someone does not necessarily make you a murderer. The term murder refers to the unlawful killing of another human being with intent to do so.

There are other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter)

Then of course there's the lawful killing of others.

Soldier <> Murderer

Drunk driver <> Murderer

Capital Punishment <> Murder

For those who like a moral debate:

Abortionist <> Murderer

FCC questions Verizon's early termination fees

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Whats the problem?

As long as these crooks aren't moving the goal posts for existing subscribers its all fine.

Just don't sign up with them, vote with your feet and they will either get the message or fold.

A mass exodus to AT$T should do the trick.

NHS IT spree faces cutbacks


what a pile of BS

Count your blessings [as I do] that we are gainfully employed!

If you had actually looked at the job prospects for yourself you'd realise if you lost your job you would be in shit street like the segment of unemployed who wish to return to work.

Agreed there are career benefiters that have been created by our system but its a symptom of offering a carrot [$$$] and no cane.

Perhaps if we asked those on benefits to travel to somewhere out of town to do something pointless for 9 hours a day in order to receive our hard earned taxes it would change things.

If the options were -

A Get up at 7, travel to a warehouse, start moving boxes from one side to the other and back again, leave at 6 = 70 quid a week

B Get a job like the rest of us that pays more than 70 quid a week

I think most people would get off their arses.

At the moment its a choice of hard work or permanent holiday, you can try to blame them but its the collective us that voted in a succession of govts that have created this mess, our responsibility is to object, if we do not we are deemed to support.


...an irrelevant question!

The primary objective of the new IT system is to save man hours and hence money not lives.

Figures for treatment outcomes are totally irrelevant. What we need is an NHS with budgets that don't spiral out of control any further than they already have under Labour rule.

Perhaps if the average GP wasn't taking home over 120k we might have money to spend on enough nurses, clean hospitals, drugs for patients - or to bail out a few more banks.

Head-cam video used to OK Arkansas cop kill


justified shooting???

Why does everyone in the states have such respect for police and their supposed necessity for shooting anyone?

Lets get this straight; a police man is justified in shooting a guy in his own home because he is holding a gun and swears at them? How was a non fatal resolution 'impossible'?

If they had taken the time to talk to him for more than 30 seconds perhaps he could have been persuaded to allow the wife to leave. At that point they could have left his house and waited outside for him to calm down and come out.

Did we see or hear anything to substantiate that anyone was in imminent danger? Was there any attempt to resolve in any other manner than 'you have 5 seconds to comply before i kill you!'

If the same event took place in England the officer would be in jail for murder yet Americans think shooting a man is just fine.

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'ordered' by police

What has gone on in the US when its citizens fail to recognise that the police are your employees - paid for by taxes. What happened to protect and serve?

When all police are free to exercise deadly deadly force shouldn't they be required to practise some restraint and use it as a last recourse?

This guy hadnt shot anyone and he wasnt opening fire at police, sounds like a jolly old time shooting 'bad guys'. I want to play cops and robbers too but we dont have that sort of abuse of power over the pond.


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