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Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit


To the above

Not everyone is going to know if these things exist, maybe short and sweet articles are useful as its not like you can write an in-depth review about a camera connection kit.

Keep em' coming if you ask me!


Nokia E72 smartphone


3.5mm Jack

Isnt that something that the reviewer forgot to include, or am i just being a spoon who has lost his reading capabilities today.

One thing which would make me consider upgrading from my E71(which fulfills all my needs apart from the crappy 2.5mm headphone jack,bought a 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter of the bay which failed to work) is the new 3.5mm headphone jack, as with a decent memory card this phone would also do away for the need for my ipod for the small selections of songs that i would want to upload to the phone. The headphones that come with the E71 were crap and lost their rubber surrounds meaning you had sharp bits of headphone metal poking your lug holes which wasn't the nicest feeling!



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