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British egg producers saddened by Google salad emoji update

Mr. Fatuous

That salad isn't inclusive of my kids. One would only eat the lettuce and the other would throw the salad away and fill the bowl with crisps. He would have eaten the egg though.

Why do you hate my kids Google?

Google powers up latest app it'll cancel in two years: Hangouts Chat

Mr. Fatuous

Re: Mac app faulty

Try YakYak, it's not faultless but it is better. Failing that you can use it in a browser (https://hangouts.google.com/)

Aussie Catholic School forced into hasty cover-up over suggestive Saint

Mr. Fatuous

Cup the cobs,

work the baguette.

Dev gives HBO free math tips to nail Game of Thrones pirate leakers

Mr. Fatuous

Surely they could just make sure each copy sent out had a different total number of nipples in it?

Yes, HP will still sue you if you make cartridges for its inkjet printers

Mr. Fatuous

Never forget

They killed Palm too.

The b@stards.

Decades ago, computing was saved by CMOS. Today, no hero is in sight

Mr. Fatuous

Don't rush

Haven't you heard, we're all moving to the cloud, we don't need fast computers just billions of crap ones.

Ex-Microsoft man plans brand of consumer marijuana 'fine cigars'

Mr. Fatuous

Poor punnage ahead

Winblows mighty eighth

Surface Pro to hit Blighty priced 25% up on top-o-the-range iPad

Mr. Fatuous

Legacy Apps?

Dear Tim,

What you call legacy applications we call real applications and they aren't going away.


Don't buy a Google car: They might stop it while you're driving

Mr. Fatuous

Re: How dare Google

The point is quite a few people, myself included, would pay to use it. We weren't given the choice.

We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP

Mr. Fatuous

What next?

They'll be patenting their staff next.

No other shop will be able to have smug looking "cool" staff wandering around doing anything other than actually selling anything.

I watched Excel meet 1-2-3, and beat it fair and square

Mr. Fatuous

Other bad uses for Excel

In one place I worked at the company fax template was an Excel document.

I even created a Word template that looked identical but no, the management knew how to use Excel.*

* They didn't, the wasted hours I spent fixing up broken fax docu...sorry...spreadsheets.

Then there was the manager who named every one of his spreadsheets with variations on his own name regardless of function. Not DaveFinanceReport.xls but Dave.xls, Dave1.xls David.xls etc.

Apple CEO: Frothing fanboi iPhone 5 hype screwed our sales

Mr. Fatuous

Greece and Italy

I think I could guess why Greece and Italy aren't performing strongly. Has he checked international affairs recently?

Disabled can't 'Go Compare' on price comparison websites

Mr. Fatuous

There is also the small matter that most insurers won't give an online quote for anybody with a disability (or anything slightly out of the ordinary for that matter)

You'd have to ring up the individual insurers afterwards anyway.

iPad app that lets mute kids speak menaced by patent lawsuit

Mr. Fatuous

Prior Art:?

Does the old computer game Captain Blood count as prior art? That had an image based conversation system.

iPlayer repeat fees threaten BBC earthquake

Mr. Fatuous


Are they repeats if you didn't watch them when aired? I don't use iPlayer to watch something again, I use it to watch things I missed or couldn't record as I was recording something else.

Should I be charged to watch the same programs as someone else just because I can't watch them at the exact moment the BBC chooses?

I'd have no problem with them charging to watch whole series at a later date but not for the last 7 days schedule.

It's time to end the Windows Wait

Mr. Fatuous


The save button isn't just there purely because of untrustworthy hard-drives, it's there because of untrustworthy operators too. Who hasn't worked on something and then decided further down the line that it's junk and easier to restart from the last save than push on.

Google to Microsoft: You're stealing our search results!

Mr. Fatuous


Search engine searches other search engines shocker

PS3 telly add-on update hit by splash screen crash

Mr. Fatuous

Got Me

I've got the freeze. I'm leaving well alone and hoping a fix is pushed out over Plus that fixes it and keeps my videos. I've got tons of stuff I don't want to delete.

Fortunately I exported some f the "must keep" stuff.

Code for open-source Facebook littered with landmines

Mr. Fatuous


Did everybody miss the pre-alpha part? I'm not surprised it has holes in it.

Nokia: Ovi developer price plunge permanent

Mr. Fatuous

Are Palm Dead Already?

The palm app store is free so that would make them at least the third cheapest

ITV preps pay TV service

Mr. Fatuous

Yeah right

Do ITV really think their output is worth money? I can rarely be bothered to watch it for free.

Jobs woos devs with iPhone OS iOS 4

Mr. Fatuous

Increasing Developers

Are they increasing the number of developers by allowing people not using macs to develop iOS software?

Corel begs for survival by giving takeover thumbs up

Mr. Fatuous

This is what happens...

when you destroy my beloved Paint Shop Pro


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