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Google geek slammed over XP exploit

gareth 5

good on him

if people started giving MS ultimatums here is your notice of the exploit is goes public in X No. of days maybe they might start actually fixing their fuck ups

BAA poo-poos Bollywood star's pervscan printout put-on

gareth 5

new security alert

a new virus has been discoverd that infects the firmware/operating system of milliwave scanners and automatically uploads every scanned image to perv-scan.com

perv-scan.com is a subscription only site for milliwave scan fetishists

Firefox 3.6: I am more than my Monkey

gareth 5

@AC RE: I wish they would

why are you worried about them updating the UI it is functional and can be skinned to your hearts content

to be honest i think UI's have been getting far to childlike of late i want something clean and professional that doesn't eat 20% of the system resources because it looks good

function is surly much more important that form

Hackers break Amazon's Kindle DRM

gareth 5

RE: I don't get it

there are often reasons that you end up having to buy a drm-ed product mainly that it is only available in a drmed format

for example if the ebook you are purchasing is only avaible from kindle with drm as the publisher has limited its availablity

Lawyers pursue banned Xbox Live gamers

gareth 5

it is not the user who is banned

from my noledge as a hardware modder and reading posts on www.xbox-scene.com forums it is not he user of xbox live who gets banned mearly the modified console is banned. the user can still use an unmoddified console to access the service.


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