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Home Sec: Let us have Snoop Charter or PEOPLE WILL DIE

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And for all of you playing buzzword bingo

aka please-don't-think-critically-about-this-TERROR-OMG-THINK-OF-THE-CHILDREN

> serious crime, terrorism and child sex offences


Six months under water and iPhone 4 STILL WORKS

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>But when the name dialled on the image of the broken phone is "Notruf", you have to wonder, don't you?

Notruf is the German for emergency call, not the name of a contact ...

Experts troll 'biggest security mag in the world' with DICKish submission

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I am going to use this when I make my next presentation to the board about IT spend!

Guaranteed funding :)

Reborn UK internet super-snooper charter to be unveiled today

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Look at her comments in The Sun

"I just don’t understand why some criticise these proposals. They must either not get what this data is and how it’s used or just can’t grasp its importance. By trying to stop the police having access to this tool, they are risking both justice and public safety.

Conspiracy theorists will come up with ridiculous claims about how these measures infringe freedom.

But without changing the law the only freedom we would protect is that of criminals, terrorists and paedophiles — and that is something I am not prepared to let happen"


Typical emotionally charged rhetoric.

Everytime I see news like this, I die a little on the inside. Is there genuinely not a single soul in government who understands how this series of tubes we call the interweb actually works? Equally depressing is the fact the we as a populace have given up questioning the gruel they feed us and seem to blindly accept it on faith.

No Ms Harmon, with ill conceived, blanket legislation without judicial overview, I fear it is far more than just the freedom of criminals, terrorists and paedophiles that you erode. It is not a black and white issue where only the bad guys will suffer if x, y and z are not done.

But that wouldn't make for a good soundbite now would it?

BOFH: CSI Haxploitation Cube Farm Apocalypse

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Classic CSI reference

“So you want me to run up a GUI interface using visual basic to track the killer’s IP Address?”

I still twitch when I remember that scene.

1984's MacPaint source code hits web

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.05 megabytes != .5 megabytes.

You're an order of magnitude out!

Prolific hacker releases PlayStation exploit

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"If you claim the hack, you need to show it's useful"

Spoonfed much?

He just needs to demonstrate that what he claims to work, works.

His hack is completely useless to me - I don't even own a PS3. Does that mean the hack doesn't qualify as a hack any more?

Thought not.

And people wonder why the RE scene is shrinking - too many kids expecting it all done for them and served up on a plate.


Pants bombs vs America: The infernal conflict

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@Wonko the ...erm ... sane

You've got to be kidding me right?

And I thought Americans didn't do sarcasm!

Well done - you nearly had me going there. I actually believed, for a brief second, you believed that trupe you posted! I see now that you would have to be a complete window-licker to do that.

Well played sir - I tip my hat to you.

Sony Vaio X

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Poor performance

Eye watering pretty, mind bogglingly tiny.

Have worked on a couple and must say, especially at that price point, the performance is definitely below par. Achingly slow.

Unfortunate triumph of style over substance.

Having said that, I wouldn't turn one down if you gave it me as they are _that_ pretty, but I think I would get annoyed with it quite quickly if I actually wanted to use it for anything half serious.

Tesla Roadster used for videogame audio

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Re:Wind Noise?

I don't believe anyone has mentioned this yet - but as far as I know, the 'ferrets', or blimps as they are know in the trade, are there exactly for this purpose.

Did you think they were there just to make it look pretty ... ?

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