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iPhone to become Blighty's favourite smartphone


@ Magnus

When mobiles only really served one purpose, phone & texting, the cool thing was to keep shrinking them until you could hardly use the buttons :-)

Today there are 100's of different phone models to choose from and there are many to suit your needs.

The iPhone has one intention, thats to provide people with an excellent display enabling features like surfing and email usable. They achieved that and will continue to improve other features over time including the hardware specification (camera etc) and make the software even better.

I have used many devices over the years and quite frankly you cannot get a great user experience of the web , email and watch video's etc if your phone is a small device like you are requesting it to be, so I think your asking a bit much for the iPhone to get to that size, it would just destroy the whole thing!


@ Law

You comments surprise me I have to admit, not a course of action I would take thats for sure.

No-one can deny that the iPhone revolutionised the user experience of the UI. Some people still critisise it for no keyboard??? they just don't get it, why clutter up a phone with a huge amount of buttons that are not needed all the time, on-screen enables you to only host the relevant buttons for what you are doing at that time, pure genius in my opinion!

I have used many MP3 players over the years, but it wasn't until I finally got a iPod that I got why Apple have taken 75% of the market.

So you had an iPhone, you invested in accompanying hardware like dock speakers and you decided to go another route rendering that kit either redundant or you having to invest in a nano. doesn't make sense to me. I can only assume you took a real disliking to the iPhone.



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