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Boffins build bendy screen using LEDs just THREE atoms thick

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Re: And how long before this is ready for market?

Well I agree with the sentiment you're probably subscribed to the wrong news outlet if you want to see consumer goods as they arrive.

A lot of articles here are about new technology, not consumer products but cutting edge technology that in many cases will never see the bright lights of Wal-Mart. The technological advance in the last 4 decades had been huge, not everything made it to shop floors but every piece technology you own started with a small group of scientists making breakthroughs like this.

NASA planning Curiosity v2.0 for Mars touchdown in 2020

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Re: Curiosity 2 would meet it's father?

More like it's older brother.

China plots 2017 mission to plan MOON COLONY

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Re: So we'll end up with three designs of wheel....

The wheel wasn't perfected on the first attempt and has actually been reinvented uncountable times. It is also likely that it was invented in several independent locations by completely separate societies.

This is a new space race and I, for one, am excited.

North Korea and Iran sign 'Axis of Tech Evil' deal

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Iran and NK make a trade deal.

So everyone thinks it must have evil intent and there is not a chance that they actually just want to improve their economies and have friends in a world increasingly allied against them. Makes sense.

America and China make trade deals (one a war monger with a history of use of WMDs and the other in continual breach of human rights) and everyone thinks that it's great news for the world that these two giants are working together.

(if you don't get it, I find the giants a bit more scary than the insects biting at their heels)

Crap PINs give wallet thieves 1-in-11 jackpot shot

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Simple solution

remove the ability to chose your own pin.

If you don't have the ability to remember a 4 digit number then you shouldn't really be allowed to walk freely in society. If you have to write it down then accept the consequences when your wallet gets stolen.

The moment a computer crash nearly caused my car crash

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would you stay in a burning house while waiting for the fire brigade?

This is exactly why we have breakdown services. When a vehicle becomes a risk to its occupants and the people around it then it should be removed from the road.

What if a train had hit the car, many people could have died. The second things started becoming dangerous he should have stopped and called whoever he is covered by. Not covered, face the costs! Don't risk my friends and families lives because you want to save a buck!

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That computer has legitimately saved my life

I question why you are driving in such a way as to require a computer to take over and save your life. Have we really reached the point where we trust computers so much that we actively push the limits of our driving ability knowing that the computer will save us? Is that a good thing?

I can barely imagine a situation where pushing the boundaries of safe driving is warranted on public roads. I can even less imagine a situation where we would push our limits even further and trust a computer to save us when we go to far. It is ridiculous. Is our time so precious that saving a few minutes off our journeys is worth risking our lives?

Undoubtedly cars are safer now than they have ever been in almost every possible way. Impact protection has saved uncountable lives. I fear that dependence on technology and slowly removing driver responsibility is likely to lead to more crashes. To improve safety either completely automate our traffic systems quickly rather than this gradual implementation or invest in better training and retraining during a drivers lifetime. How can we possibly believe that someone trained at the age of 17 is still going to be a safe driver 30.. 40... 50 years down the line? There should be some kind of mandatory class every 10 years to just refresh peoples abilities and to point out areas they may wish to work on.

Chinese state research unit pays $1,000 for USB stick

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Just shows that the incompetence of government is everyones problem.

PROVEN: Violent video games mess with your head

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makes me question what effect long term exposure to actual violence does to the brain? Soldiers, Police officers etc.

Also, if the effect is just that of gaming in general or specific to violent games. More information needed here.

UN set to dump GMT for tech-friendly Atomic Time

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are they going to change the time zones

or the international date line? Doubt it. This wont make one iota of a difference to the majority of people on the planet and Greenwich will always hold historical significance on an international scale.

Saddam 'double' kidnapped by smut flick gang

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"Bishr, a devout Muslim,"

Would you let your appearance define who you are? I'd hope to have this mans strengths to stand behind my own principles.

Ten... outdoor gadgets

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Liquid Image

As someone who regularly hires out the liquid image camera mask to divers I can tell you this. It sucks.

Its good for people who want a photo of their first few dives, something for facebook etc. For actual high quality photos and videos? Invest in a real camera.

Pope says gravity proves technology can't supplant God

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The worst type of preacher

I'm not sure who annoys me more. When I walk down the high street and a semi lunatic shouts out "Have you heard the word of God my son?" I cringe and hope he is shouting at some other poor soul.

It's annoying and its intruding on other peoples lives. It is ok to have your own beliefs but to try and force them on others is an intrusion.

On the other hand, the worst preachers are the atheists who absolutely insist that there is no God and that you are stupid for believing there is one. They will spend a day happily listing all the reasons why you are stupid and try to convert you to atheism.

The difference between the two is that the believer genuinely wants to help you, he wants to spread the word but the atheist is driven by a need to be right. On this forum whenever there is a faith article everyone comes out of the woodwork and posts against faith because they believe that not believing in God is a sign of intelligence and that believing in God is a sign of stupidity.

What all of you forget to realise is that you are attacking a persons faith. For many people it is an incredibly important part of their lives. It means that their parents or lost son are now safe with God. It means that their loved ones always have someone watching over them. Why is it ok for you to take that away from people?

New Obama-style missile defence scores test goal

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

While I agree with the sentiment I suspect that most Americans do not have the attention span to be able to distinguish between the two presidencies.

It seems Obama is regularly blamed for the current financial situation in America and for the ongoing troubles in Afghanistan. Seems this is trying to equal the balance a little bit ;-)

Google donates a billion cores to boffins

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oh no, they have to pay to fulfill a lifelong dream

Most likely they will receive funding from whichever institution they work with. Most of the people likely to be going for this kind of deal will be academics and their institutions will most likely be very willing to pay for the possibility of a great discovery being associated with them.

In terms of what google will own of the research that is yet to be known. These are smart people who will probably read the contract quite a few times before they make a decision. If they feel google takes too much then they wont do it. On the other hand they may feel its worth the cost to get their work realised.

Vatican hails hacking culture, Wikis

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Whatever your views on the church may be at least some within it are now looking to reconnect with the world rather than sticking solely with the old ways. I don't expect a massive church reform but recent things like accepting the use of condoms in Africa and getting in touch with real people via the internet. These are all positive steps being taken by an institution which needs to modernise itself.

Crematorium to heat council swimming pool

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Soylant Green anyone?

I actually dont mind this, as others have said it isnt actually the bodies heating the pool. Seems stupid to actually announce this to people though. Swimmers could be creeped out by it.

Wind turbine bonanza expected in Hull

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Unskilled jobs

Those "unskilled" jobs may seem to lowly for the likes of you but for the 2.5 million unemployed in Briton and specifically the severely hit economy of Hull they will be a godsend that allows people to feed their families.

This will provide a small but significant boost to the local economy by putting money in peoples hands which allows them to spend and most likely attracting other similar industries.

Massive new US spy airship 'could be used to carry big cargoes'

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Does anyone else see

a giant, floating, pasty white arse???

Facebook trains self to recognize your face

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Set your privacy settings properly.

If you don't know how to do it then read a guide. If you don't read a guide or can't be bothered to change the settings then it is your own bloody fault!

On a side note, with all the photos of me on facebook this software is either going to be extremely accurate or extremely inaccurate. Will be interesting to see how well it does.

Chinese official gets suspended death sentence over anti-virus scam

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Throwing money into a blackhole?

Or money well spent?

It's 1.7 million Euros. Hardly a lot of money in the grand scheme of space travel. It costs roughly 450 million USD to launch a space shuttle.

For all the doubters out cynics 1.7, to me at least, seems like a small amount to pay to find out if this idea would work. You all remind me of a joke about the LHC: "You can't turn it on until you know for sure what will happen"

Mozilla vows Google 'Crankshaft' riposte

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The good ol days

are never as good as we remember them. Back when a web page was just text and a couple of images the pages probably took longer or, likely, an insignificantly different amount of time to load. Browsers, site design and connection speeds all develop at roughly the same rate. because they have to. Any sudden change in page content has to be matched by the abilty to deliver the content in a reasonable time and with a browser capable of displaying it (chicken/egg situation).

Anyway, the good old days involved dropped connections, multiple redials, AOL... AOLers, rediculous telephone fees and weak, insecure and ineffective software. When design options were limited designers reverted to blinking text and multiple fonts/font colours in a document and finally all that text would load half an hour before the image would.

Nah, I dont miss those days. I am constantly excited for the next big change and where the developments will lead us. Sure some of it will be bloated, slow and ineffectual but out of the mud comes diamonds.

iPads improve image of IT industry

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"3D is a stupid fad."

Yeah, I miss the good old days when we all lived in 2D. 8bit colour, that was awsome too!

iPad apps: the 10 smartest and 10 stupidest

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Title? What title?

It was like watching a car crash, I was more interested in the 10 worst apps.

Sadly, you know the developers have made money from them!

Pay rises all round for Googlers

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Something recent?

How long ago did you stop calling Google the search giant and started calling it the ad giant instead?

Caravan-swiping suspect spotted on Street View

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If its a choice between a caravan with wheels or one without wheels I am guessing they are gonna take the wheeled one.

It isn't like caravans are hard to find in the UK. They are hardly comparable to a 3 tonne printing press or a top-of-the-range merc which are very specific items probably stolen to order.

I own a motorbike, one of the easiest to steal valuable items around (left on the street, can be put on a trailer or even carried away by 3 blokes) it has a padlock, disc lock, immobiliser and an alarm. Protect your stuff and it wont be you spending the next 3 days on the phone to your insurance company.

Hefty physicist: Global warming is 'pseudoscientific fraud'

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Just my 2 pennies

Feels the same even among the layman debates. I'm a sceptic but to even voice that view in public is to get yourself labeld a wackjob.

Science should be about debate and collaboration. Great scientific theories get proven or dis-proven through this process. Seems to me he is resigning because this process is being stifled by the scientific community.

I'll get my coat, because lets be fair, 99% of us are groping blindly in the dark and just accept what the big media headlines say anyway

Alt rock diva's nude snap 'leaked' to tweetosphere

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Paris Hilton


Paris is completely out of mainstream media now. The only reason I even remember her is the obsession here on El Reg.

Paris, because I know you like to look!

Atlantis spacewalkers snapped through shuttle windows

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we will never lose pencil and paper.

It's just far more convenient than anything else. I might be writting huge lines of code but if I am struggling with a concept I am gonna write it on paper to work it out.

Get a call and need to write a note? What am I gonna do? Jam the phone against my head with my shoulder and start typing on the computer or grab a pencil with my spare hand and jot something down?

The pencil is one of the earliest inventions (think charcole on a cave wall) and will almost certainly be the longest living one.

'Phantom Ray' robot stealth jet rolls out

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If death has to rain from above from an unmanned killing machine

well then it has to look good doing it. The Ray certainly looks good!

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx stalks PC and Mac converts

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I'll second this

At the end of the day many of us have applications that just wont work on any linux distro. We are also not willing to compromise on their performance or stability by using wine and so have no option but to have at least a duel boot or stick with windows entirely. I personally run Ubuntu on my netbook as I use it only for viewing pictures, movies on the go, web browsing and a little bit of writting. It is perfect for me, my home PC has to have windows for many reasons.

Having the choice is nice though. I'm sure we can all remember times when it was literally windows or nothing now we have 3 or 4 stable and polished operating systems which are capable of dealing with our different needs (Windows on my netbook? You must be mad, I value FPS when writting)

The point about this latest Ubuntu release is that most people probably use only 5 or 6 applications in their entire computing lives. Word, excel, outlook, IE. This is changing slowely but it is true, now more than ever, that Ubuntu is capable of delivering to the majority of users. I would happily role this out to friends and family now and really expect to see it more frequently in office environments.

I'm no linux fanboi. I like various iterations of the OS but think generally speaking it is not significantly better or worse than any other modern OS. What I am a big fan of is competition. Windows 7 is a direct result of emerging competition. MS realised it could not carry on being lazy so stepped up its game and brought out an OS of which there seem to be no diehard critics. Further competition just means further benefits for us. I hope this game gets alot more interesting over the next few years because a revolution in UIs has to be coming to the desktop soon.

Penalty for silent calling goes sky high

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I dont see the connection

between a legitimate worker trying to make a buck and someone who has resorted to breaking the law to feed a drug habit.

Oh but of course you have only ever worked for google right? The one company in the world that does no evil....

I've worked cold calling jobs. Put myself through university on one. It's a horrible job. People abuse you, you work long, unusual hours and have unrealistic targets to hit. Absolutely no-one appreciates you, there is no chance of promotion and it certainly doesn't add to your CV but it puts money in your pocket and food in your mouth.

Spare a thought for people who are struggling not because they are stupid but because circumstances are not in their favor at the moment.

Virgin Media to demo 200Mb/s broadband tomorrow

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South Korea

What I don't understand is how can a country like South Korea, who have been so universaly raped in recent years, provide the worlds fastest BB connections to pretty much its entire population?

I'm here now on a fiber to the home line and happily download files at 100mbps. Almost no latency, no traffic shaping and certainly no download limits all for the princely sum of $40 a month with free installation.

What are they doing right that the western world is screwing up?

And a beer for the Koreans (You don't have a soju icon??)

'Health and safety killjoys' kill cheese-rolling race

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You think there is no effort?

In standing at the top of a 45 degree slope and then hurling yourself down it? Maybe if you trick yourself into falling down sure or if you accidentally slip. However with any extreme event it's the throwing yourself off the edge which is the hardest part. You always land!

next time you have a spare afternoon go stand at the top of a 10 meter cliff over a deep pool and see how much mental effort it takes to jump.

Go, because some law of relativity or something says that the higher the effort required to jump the greater the satisfaction.

BT boss urges fines for filesharing customers

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A basic human right?

Many recent articles and court rulings have come to the conclusion that internet access is a basic human right like access to fresh water, free speech etc. The French high courts being one of note. Although not internationally recognised as of yet it is likely to be soon.

Considering this, wouldn't the removal of this basic necessity now be considered a breach of human rights?

(didn't know if I should use a stop or go sign for obvious reasons)

New use found for 'world's most useful tree'

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That's what everyone is missing right?

Everyone here is right, there are many many ways of purifying water. I have used many myself while traveling. Not for survival mind you, in many parts of the world we consider poor and arid there is plenty of bottled water. No I was doing it because I had the methods and I wanted to see if they worked. Needless to say chlorinated water tastes foul as does iodine and pretty much every form of water filtration that isnt a complete treatment.

But you have hit the nail on the head. Many of these techniques exist, are viable and are being used around the world in the poorest countries. However, any locally sourced and viable alternative is going to be better than shipping millions of pills halfway across the world where most of them get lost.

For the doubters that wonder how people will find out about this, just wait till one family in a village starts using it and never gets ill. Soon enough they will have every mother in town knocking on their door for the secret.

New robot aircraft eliminates need for fleshy slaves

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Because when I am going for a nice, secluded dip with my girlfriend I really want to have a radio transmitter strapped to my pale naked ass.

Street View catches Finn with his pants down

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indecent exposure

Now I am not up to date on Finnish laws but isn't it illegal to be stripping naked in the front yard of your house where anyone on the street can see you?

Everyone has a right to privacy but equally we have a right not to see what he is selling.

Beer, I drink to forget.

NASA's Spirit rover stuck for good

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6 years

Seems like a pretty good rolling time to me. Lets be fair, we all half expected it to blow up on landing.

AMD chief hails Intel-assisted 'transformation'

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I dont mind which manufacturer

produces my processor. As long as it is powerful, efficient and value for money who gives a damn which name is stamped on it.

This is good news for the market though. A competitive processor market is good news for everyone. AMD and Intel battling it out means cheaper and better end products for us!

Thumbs up, cos you know its good!

Masses marvel at 'Most Useless Machine'

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Even if it is old

if you have a spare half hour would it not be fun to build?

Oregon profs plan giant robotic space cockroach warriors

oliver 8
Black Helicopters

don't tell the robotic versions

but the fleshy ones taste fishy or at least drunken minds determined it as a fishy taste. Peel the shell off first!

Germans devise attacks on Windows BitLocker

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Did they discuss the lead pipe decryption method?

You know, abduct a user, tie them to a chair and beat them with a lead pipe until they give you the password.

"hardware-level phishing attack," errr wouldn't a key logger be easier? Or the old school video camera pointing at the screen and keyboard so we can see what they type.

Grenade, because if all else fails you can blow it up.

'Alienated' gamer sues WoW for ruining life

oliver 8

I'm sorry

but when did this turn into the WoW whining forums. If you want to complain about being nerfed then do it there, if we want to read 100,000 warriors complaining about everything we'll go there to read it.

Fail.... just because.

Google open sources flash-happy Chrome OS

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No internet connection

So when I am out of range of any net connection I will basically own a very expensive, very exclusive place-mat? Brilliant!

I think Google is envisioning a future where you literally have connectivity anywhere. I don't think that is such an unusual thing to see happening. For most of us who live in cities there is some kind of municipal wifi available as well as unsecured networks and we all know the benefits of cloud computing.

I see this turning into a kind of liveCD by Google, essentially giving me a limited functionality OS on any machine I need to use it on and accessing all of my personal data on a personalised OS that I am familiar with. Nice idea for sure, swap my fully functioning netbook for a crippled version? Not a chance! But the end user will probably like it.

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