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Play.com leaves Modern Warfare 2 buyers empty handed

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still no game......

Ordered 3rd Sept 09, still not here 18th November !

Didn't even dispatch the game until after 4pm on the day of release and that fact was confirmed both via email and via a customer rep on the phone, so quite how it was going to reach me by release day I have no idea. And yet PLAY are still blaming (and I email them everyday, just to make myself feel better) the courier service? They haven't got back to me regarding how they expected it to arrive GUARANTEED on day of realease if they didn't dispatch it until the day of release, but I expect that's an excuse they are finding hard to conjure......

Fortunately picked a copy up at Morrisions for £26, so if PLAY's ever does arrive it'll back in the post the same day (however I bet mine gets back quicker than their's gets to me, if it ever does.........)



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