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Apple iPhone 6 Plus: GORGEOUS FAT pixel density - but it's WASTED

rogue lj

Re: OS updates

Yup, same with Windows Phone too. Can take a while, but it's a one-click process.

Microsoft conceals job ad in Bing homepage

rogue lj

Perhaps they could hire someone...

... to work out why Microsoft's Report Viewer, when embedded within Microsoft Sharepoint, wouldn't work when viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Chrome worked fine....

Chinese student fails job interview because of iPhone

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Re: Thumbs up!

Petty moron with deep prejudices? I'd kinda hope that WOULD come out in the interview.

Microsoft badmouths Google competition - again

rogue lj

Erm.. Wrong question.

"When was the last time you called Google for help recovering a lost Google Doc?"

Shouldn't that be :

"When was the last time you lost a Google Doc?"

Apple, Google, Microsoft – are you a Brand Taliban or Brand Evangelist?

rogue lj
Thumb Up


Yes, Green is correct, although this type of effect applies across a greater range of human experience than just our reaction to a brand.

Go read Robert Anton Wilson's Prometheus Rising for a far better explanation of this than I can offer.

MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie

rogue lj

Jesus Fucking Christ.

I made 38 seconds....


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