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Vodafone won't act on customers' HTC Desires

Paul 56

HTC Desire

Well I am about to send a letter requesting my phone be returned to the way i purchased it or my contract be terminated due to these changes and the update not doing anything to notify me of the changes before they were made to my phone.

Consumer Direct seem to think I have a case

Based on the information supplied within your e mail I would advise that you could argue this upgrade has significantly changed the terms of your contract without your agreement as you were not given the relevant or full facts. The phone is no longer of a satisfactory quality or fit for its purpose . It would seem reasonable to request the phone is reinstated to the previous settings .

Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade

Paul 56

damn you voda

Have a look up on the market place some how all the vodacrap apps seem to have 3+ starts how many employees have they got rating this thing, as I wouldn't even give it one.

Rooting my phone now since I stupidly didn't look at the patch number.

What ROM to go for stock htc or something a little fancier...hmm need something that connect to exchange.

IT workers top UK inertia league

Paul 56

I ain't no statistic

Ow well glad to see I don't fit the bill of lazy developer.

I go to the gym 5 to 6 times a week for hour and half am only 11% body fat and full of muscle!!!

Although 2 years ago I was 6st heavier and well within the statistic, but now I am fit and healthy and run over 20 to 30km a week and lift weights 3 times a week.

30min of moderate exercise a day I must make up my weeks worth in about 2 days blah!

The up side of this I am a skinny size 28/30 and get to eat 3600 calories without putting anything on.

Skull cause I ain't dieing anytime soon..unless it over exercises.


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