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Will HP 3PAR high-end storage arrays?


Agree with Nate wholeheartedly!!

I would imagine quite a few of the top storage vendors would like to either purchase or kill off 3PAR! But please don't give HP any ideas! We much prefer 3PAR to remain independent.

HP has done very little with PolyServe since its purchase (in South Africa at any rate) - a fantastic solution particularly when it comes to highly available SQL consolidation on industry standard servers - they prefer to push SQL on the Superdome, a very expensive, not so great solution!! Most of the market here doesn't even know what PolyServe is!

In terms of the enterprise debate, our customers are very happy to adopt 3PAR in the enterprise within open systems and run fully replicated systems in Production & DR. 3PAR offers both synchronous & asynchronous replication, is definitely highly available, and offers the best in class performance - particularly within virtualized environments and for mixed workloads. Many customers are seeing 3x the performance with mixed workloads on the T-series compared to that achieved on traditional enterprise storage arrays! That's 300%, not 30%! Who else can offer that sort of performance improvement!!

Amongst many other industry leading solutions (Thin Provisioning, Thin Persistence, Thin Reclamation), 3PAR's ease of management and fully automated provisioning truly sets it apart from traditional storage arrays!! No highly paid storage specialists needed to manage this environment nor exorbitant vendor's professional fees!



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