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Seagate parades spinning skinny model to oust flash from fondleslabs... almost

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Re: One really has to ask

"So when I say NEED, I mean in what circumstance does a 32GB tablet not have enough storage capacity to hold the media that they cannot access other than locally."

I take it you don't go camping then?

I've been twice this year. First time I was on a campsite right next to a mobile mast and so was easily able to stream iPlayer and Sky's equivalent from the comfort of my sleeping bag.

Second time and signal was patchy at best. If I woke up early I was able to turn the phone on and download a shortish podcast by the time we'd had breakfast a couple of hours later. The only streaming going on was rainwater down the tent one night.

The 32GB SD card in my phone is normally running with 5 - 11 GB free. That's a (annoyingly) small proportion of my music collection plus whatever snaps and videos I shoot on the phone when I don't have my DSLR to hand (and photos and videos are cleared out pretty regularly so I only keep a core selection on there likely to be of interest to friends and relatives when we're visiting).

I'd love to have space for more music (so I can hopefully find something to listen to when I'm driving that the wife won't object to) and for films/tv to entertain me and the missus when we're away from civilisation.

Sky flaunts F1 app with split-screen functions

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Re: Director

Would that be the same F1 directors who routinely show us lap, after lap, after lap of the leader streaking away on his own while there are umpteen battles for position going on behind him that the viewers might acutally want to see?

Multiple streams can only be an improvement TBH

Tax dept staff are HM's biggest e-learners

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The real question is...

How much of that training is actually required as opposed to done for the purposes of the pointless end of year review?

There's loads of e-learning available at the organisation I work for, it's just a shame none of it covers in any depth the areas of the main system my team uses meaning we're having to figure things out as we go along. Despite repeated requests for proper training none has been forthcoming.

Ultrabook prices to fall as manufacturers slash margins

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Ultrabooks already out?

Didn't think anything could be called an Ultrabook unless it had Ivy Bridge processors, which don't come out to next year... Or is this manufacturers trying to find ways to use up stocks of Sandy Bridge processors?

BBC publishes Freeview HD timetable

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@ The BigYin

HD Ready means you can feed a HD signal to the TV, whether that be from Blu-Ray or an HD satellite/terrestrial/cable set-top box. This means you can buy a HD TV now and enjoy HD from Blu-Ray and add other sources later.

Or would you rather that manufactuers waited until the specs were finalised for Freeview/Freesat HD etc before they released HD TVs for people to watch their Blu-Rays on?

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@ Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

FreeSAT (free to air (non-Sky) satellite) already does broadcast HD

FreeVIEW (terestrial) doesn't.

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