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McNealy to Ellison: How to duck death by open source


Scott is rewriting history

Scott McNealy wants us to believe that dealing with ATT to merge SunOS with System V made

Sun a closed source company because, as a result, it could not open source Solaris.

Facts prove that at this time Sun was fiercely closed source, turning its back on its BSD background. The reality is that Open Source was considered an option only on the light of

the success of linux, that is after 2000.

But at the end of the eighties, Sun was closed source and tried to be too greedy.

Around 1988, Sun decided to unbundle the C compiler that was until then given with SunOS.

As a result, most people switched to gcc and many people who could live with free proprietary tools got a taste of Open Source tools (even if the term was not yet coined).

The reality is that the infusion of cash from ATT made Sun arrogant. That turned all the Unix industry against Sun. At that time, Sun was trying to push NeWS, its Network extensible Windows System.

The rest of the Unix industry pushed the Open Source X window System to kill NeWS and succeeded. That is why today most Unix System (except for Apple) run this X crap.

NeWS was based on the superior PostScript imaging model but free of Adobe proprietary code.

Had Sun opened the NeWS code, the story may have been different.

Frenchman cuffed for naughty lip-slip email to MEP



The charge "displaying contempt towards a public servant" is erroneous, even if she cumulates electoral mandates (european deputy and mayor of a Paris arrondissement) she is not technically a public servant as explained by a French legist (http://www.maitre-eolas.fr/post/2010/10/29/Pourquoi-je-veux-un-habeas-corpus-en-France).

No habeas corpus, no defense lawyer during the "garde à vue", here fallacious charge against the accused, cumulative mandates of politics, political woman more present on people magazine than in her charges. France is fast becoming a banana republic.

Apple ambushed in Barcelona


pipes/services is like electricity/appliances

One want norms so that services providers can have a stack on to which to build.

html5 being the higher level of the stack to get rid of proprietary lockup like Flash.

I would like a app store but I don't want it owned by handset builder, neither by network.

I am not sure what third party can provide that service.

Decoupling service and pipe makes the prices more clear.

Currently the pricing scheme are so complex with imposed services that we don't know

the cost of providing reliable and everywhere mere bandwidth. If bandwidth provider makes

most money on services light on their network like SMS or ringtones and multiplies by 50 the bandwitth price when you reach a limit, they have little incitation at being good provider of "mere pipes". So there will be no competition and the price of pipe will stay high and the quality low.

Sarko caught short in Irish VIP footie box shocker


royalist header, completely faked address

The en-tête displays a lys flower which was used by French kings, hardly a republican symbol.

The address of the "Consulat général de France" is an obvious fake.

2-24 rue des blaguers 74139 Paris france

No rue des blagers in Paris, the zipcode 74139 denotes a place not in Paris but in Haute-Savoie, an unlikely place for a consulat général. Finally the correct spelling is "blagueur", meaning someone who pulls practical jokes.

The only thing true is that our president is a midget; a fidgeting midget, I would say.

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