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Surf's up near Saturn as boffins spot waves on Titan


Re: Announcing the bleeding obvious

>the heavier a thing was the faster it fell

I'm afraid not. The force acting, gravity, is the same for any object, so a body in free fall will have the same acceleration regardless of weight. It is the aerodynamic property of the body which influences it's speed as it falls. So a feather and a heavier lead weight would hit the ground at the same time if they both possessed the same aerodynamic properties. And actually it is the aerodynamic property which limits the terminal velocity of the falling object. :-)


Dirty, dirty PCs: The X-rated picture guide


Those were the days...

...When I used to work on old Wang kit, crawling around secretaries legs cleaning out the Wang office kit with a brush and hoover. Actually managed to bed two of them (secretaries that is...)



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