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ICO investigates Play.com breach

Marc Hocking

Marc Hocking, CTO, Becrypt

The recent statement from the Information Com missioner’s Office that levels of UK data loss are ‘too high’ yet again reinforces the need for organisations to ensure that they treat data with due care and diligence. It is essential to ensure that the right technology solutions are put in place. The proposed £500,000 fines may be an effective wake-up call for businesses, but an Information Assurance policy will not appear overnight. Implementing technology is important, but it is key to remember that there is more to the problem than this. Companies need to sew the importance of data protection and information assurance into the very fabric of the company; there needs to be education for employees, as well as regular updates to security policy. Businesses need to ensure they don’t use a band-aid to cover the potential bullet-hole of data loss.



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