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Combat games disrespect war laws, report claims



Does this mean thay will be applying the same laws to any movies featuring military action??


Belkin Powerline HD Gigabit mains Ethernet adaptor

Thumb Up

Works perfectly for me.

I bought one of these yesterday and it worked perfectly from the second it was plugged in.

The plugs show all three LEDs as Blue which indicates a fast connection speed, depsite the two plugs being installed on the Ground and Second Floors respectively.

So far I have used them to stream video and music with no artefacts or glitches whatsoever, despite multiple other electrical devices being used in the house - many of which were plugged into the same sockets as the Powerline HDs.

All in all I am more than happy with this product - it supplied a neat solution for my home LAN which avoided the need for unreliable wireless and / or drilling holes and laying Cat6 cabling and switches everywhere.



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