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Psst: Heard the one about the National Pupil Database? Thought not


We are obliged by law to send our children to school and there is no opt-out from the collection of data on our children. We are now expected to allow this to be harvested with no opt-out for the child at any stage in the process. The current practices of data gathering in education are a mockery of the Data Protection Act. Now the government want to commercialise this with no attempt to allow opt-outs or protection those coerced by the system.


Praying for meltdown: The media and the nukes


"Stop making up stuff. → #" ---- indeed.

" "The ultimate toll among the workers remains uncounted."

Currently at 0."

You dispose of the inconvenient dead very quickly, or you're just ignorant & making stuff up yourself.

A worker died in his crane cab during the first explosion. The writer of the original statement did not claim the death toll, just the toll. Are you as observant in all your reading?

Fukushima situation as of Wednesday


Pedant post for AJP

"are deep in the mire with regards to the ole 240v"

indeed we are....... we stopped rating it at 240V a decade ago it's 220V or 400V for most LV supplies in the UK.

Fukushima reactor core battle continues


Situation still deteriorating.

Another explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi2 early Tuesday. "Now we are talking about levels that can impact human health," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano

Radiation reading at 0831 local time (2331 GMT) rose to 8,217 microsieverts / hour from 1,941 about 40 minutes earlier. -TEPCO

Japan's nuclear safety agency said it suspects Tuesday's blast may have damaged the vessel that holds reactor 2

Tokyo is recording raised levels of radiation but these have not yet reached anything considered unsafe.

Anti-religious campaigners smack down census Jedis


Definitely rigged questions.

Surely the question should be along the lines of " do you consider yourself relifgious?"

"If yes please indicate which version you suffer from"

LOST Vulture One PARIS spaceplane FOUND!!!

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A triumph in paper and plastic.

Well done all.

How's the collective hangover?

Did you get pics of the fame-crazed pilot snorting a line in the men's bogs? or falling out of the limo surrounded by a threesome of loose floozies.? Surely the pilot will be hounded by the 'paper'azzi now.

......In fact that could solve the photos problem for Vulture II; those snappers have got really long zoom lenses, or they could be dropped out of a baloon on vespas to chase the plastic pilot.

PARIS launch tomorrow come hell or high water

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I reckon you're milking PARIS

perhaps the delay is a publicity ruse to build the tension to a climax.

You probably got it from a planning manual called the 'Joy Of Techs' or something similar.

Fingers crossed it's not a flop.

Viva El Vuitre

Vulture 1 rolls out of fab bunker

Paris Hilton


Vulture II should incorporate a couple those glove hand-warmers as the ballast for the nose-cone. This will heat the video camera and transmitter (Pariscope?) One could be activated at launch and a second by the altitude release rod. So warm sillicone inside PARIS could be the answer to getting a good video.

Quango bonfire torches websites

Black Helicopters

Gone or just hidden?

No mention of the Police Authorities under the HO. ?

Should be interesting once we have local facists with big bucks campaigning to be the elected police comissioner for each district.

Facebook login page still leaks sensitive info



With this vulnerability you can verify an e-mail address, then do a friendfinder when logged in to get the names and friend names of users with those e-mail addys. Then you can send them an e-mail 'from Farcebook' saying this friend has sent them a message, click here to see the message.............

Yep it matters, more than many above seem to account for.

PARIS pumps up a Mk 2 release mechanism


You already have a mechanism.

Fun project, but why not use that bicycle pump?.... just grease up the inner plunger and block the valve hole.

You can buy even smaller ones, but they'd cost more than the £3 that one's worth.

BBC chief acknowledges DAB flop & internet radio


If you pay your license fee why not?

....... oh you don't! Well go subscribe locally.

Policing personal calls on business mobiles


If they gave me a decent one I'd carry it.

It's never been seen as an issue here. We pay a bulk fee with European & UK calls and data being inclusive. Job done. But they give me a really old crackberry which is a hand-me-doen from the tech support team on Noah's ark. It stays on divert to my personal mobile and I don't call anyone at work until I've got back to the beast-brick..... if it matters they'll call me.

So why not use the free calls from work, it's none of their business who I call; so why worry when my own contract costs £8.50/month inclusive.

Work snooping or looking over my shoulder would be seriously de-motivating. Luckily they know this and actually want people to work for them rather than waste energy working around them.

Carmakers boost e-car noise standards for vision-impaired


Surely this is backwards

Why should the rest of the world have to put up with nonsense noise pollution which if there's enough of it swamps you & doesn't really help anyone?

Surely we need manufacturers to supply the technology required to help blind and deaf people cope with the world as it is? We already have lifts and busses which devalue the whole comfort of using them by the incessant repetition of stop names, 'doors closing' etc. Where's the technology which would allow people who need this information to select what they need then have it relayed to them personally and privately without driving people away from using an annoying and uncomfortable transport system and into their cars. Maybe this will at last get people funding development of proper systems to help people compensate for their sense impairments.

We need to address this so there is one standard developed which could be incorporated into iPods, phones etc so everyone has the required alerts and sensory feedback, without getting bombarded by more than they require and without distroying our public space with noise clutter.

Trident, nuke energy looking poorly under LibCons


Appaently .....

The LibDems actually prefer the flavour of JuicyFruit to Trident.

NHS computers hit by voracious, data-stealing worm


Maybe that's why.......

......they failed to get my CT scan letter out to me so I was unaware it was booked? Now having had the 'automated' letter gobbled up (can you believe they don't offer e-mail?) my cancer went unmonitored for another two months. I always said it wouldn't be the treatments that kill me it'll be the admin.

Lords: Analogue radio must die

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A greedy weak format gets support from the lords..... surprise surspise!

DAB is too compromised in terms of it's design of spectrum use and compression used in transmission. The signals are way too easily attenuated due to their low power and poor ability to permeate obstructions. So rather than force us all to adopt an inefficient system designed to cram as much data as possible into tiny band slots, why not get less greedy and re-design it; with wider channel allocations, better signal transmission strength and compression which doesn't introduce so many artefacts it becomes a worse listening experience then analogue FM?

Simple greed having too much influence in the early stages of format design.

Facebook prepares for another privacy row with its users


Whoah! Facebook drop a big one.... again

Facebook will highlight the fact that you're on there at work............ that'll increase your useage during the day.... not.

Great wat to lower the value of your product Farcebook; discourage prime time use by your info sheep. How can you can you shear their useage data if they're not on there because they'll be fired?

El Reg insults 'millions of Irish Catholics'

Black Helicopters

Why does a .co.uk site need to pin colours to their masthead? - slippery slope folks.

Gawd I detest St Pratwicks day........ I blame years of being dragged along to St Stephen's Green in the freezin' cold to watch a sorry excuse for a parade, most of which which seemed to consist of Roadstone cement mixers and tractors, followed by imported marching bands from the US.

'My Alter Ego' your spot on "completely ignoring the symbolism of the design."

Wasn't the symbolisim "we own yer asses, so we'll put yis on our flag whether you want to be part of it or not" ? ....... always struck me as a bit rude that one.

This colour nonsense argument would be hilarious if people didn't take it seriously.

Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy

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I have everything about me I don't want people to know. That's my default position. But I've nothing to hide either, as I've never done anything wrong.

Has this intellectual pigmy not got the nous to realise that people may choose to share with those they trust, but people like him and companies like Google need to work hard to gain that trust?. My info is worth money to loads of people and just like money I don't go giving it away to those I don't trust. Sure he's p/o'd because we won't make him inforrmation rich on our data coinage, Well he's got to earn it. This latest outburst is not going to do anything to engender that trust.

These guys are just the subway buskers of the IT world. If he wants my data coins he better change his tune and sing a bit more sweetly.

Britain needs meat trimmers and boners, not techies


Arty farty

Arty farty jobs like choreographers are just to make shows easier to move about the place and ease the pain for theatres trying to bring in the latest hot young thing to the masses. After all we've got to have something for those others to watch after a hard days boning.

Wikipedia sued for publishing convicted murderer's name


He's a convicted criminal.

The fact is he's a convicted criminal who committed a murder. If people need to ignore this to facilitate his rehabilitation, or give him the benefit of having served his time, then they should do so with all the facts and not be blind-sided by ill thought-out laws which put his future ahead of the truth or others right to be fully informed.

A nonsense law-suit which should not just be thrown out but hopefully lead to a revision of the local law in question.

Ofcom balks at Beeb's HD DRM dream


If these 3rd party companies want access to public money..........

If the BBC can broadcast this 3rd party stuff in SD on their terrestrial networks without DRM then the transition to HD makes no difference to whether they need DRM. If they don't need it in SD there's no reason to introduce it in SD. It's either avaiolable to the viewer or not. Which format it's transmitted in adds nothing to their argument. They're not even going to broadcast it in true HD merely in 720 BBC bodge-vision/ cheap network format. If these 3rd parties want their content sold to the publicly funded BBC, then they do it on the BBCs terms.

I think the BBC would love to have a DRM managed license hence their enthusiasm for this move. Once DRM boxes are in place then they can move over to a DRM licence card. Howeer this will lead to multiple licenses for single premises so Ofcom need to be alert to the real reasons. Hopefully they'll tell the BBC to go away and tell their 3rd parties to exclude themselves from public money if they want to but ther'll be no DRM on terrestrial.

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