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Netflix wants to choose its own adventure where Bandersnatch trademark case magically vanishes


Re: Scott Adams not a precedent??

As another poster has mentioned, the complaint is about the use of the trademark "Choose your own adventure", not the concept of choosing your own adventure.

Chap joins elite support team, solves what no one else can. Is he invited back? Is he f**k


Re: No good deed...

Novel (no pun intended) way to avoid call out fees.

Sure, we've got a problem but we don't really want to spend any money on the tech guy you're sending to fix it


Travelling by train in first class you can set yourself up with a pretty effective mobile office.. The wifi is quick enough and fairly reliable (though I guess this varies between operators), complementary food (ok, a sandwich) and drinks. It may take longer and cost a bit more but the employer can get better value out of the employee, which usually costs more than the train ticket. Though more often than not, company policy is economy all the way. That said, I've still managed to get a fair bit of work done in standard class with just a folding airline type tray table.


Re: Travelling to client sites

If there's a decent buffet for lunch then it's almost worth it.

Brit hacker hired by Liberian telco to nobble rival now behind bars


Also not a tool of a "highly skilled hacker".

If I could turn back time, I'd tell you to keep that old Radarange at home



I thought this at first... however NTP can be used on a local network.

But yeah, I'd still move the computer away from that oven.

The Great British Curry: Put down the takeaway, you're cooking tonight


Re: Cooking Basmati

I'm sure everyone has their own method. After several attempts using the instructions on the packet with disappointing results, I developed my own. Soak the rice for a few minutes, drain and rinse. Add to boiling water. Once it returns to the boil, cook for 8 minutes. Drain, but not too much. Put it back in the pan, cover and leave for another 8 minutes.

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace



Could anyone who has no experience in aviation, law enforcement, military, please use the "get my coat" or "joke alert" icon when posting a comment suggesting "what they should have done". Thanks.

Mine's the Russian pressure suit I bought from a surplus store.


Re: How about a high power laser burst ?

I'd be more concerned if my country outlawed the sale of certain offal/blood products for human consumption than the possession of firearms. Though TBH I'd prefer a firearm over eating haggis.

Yes jake, I'm sure you make the best black pudden in California. If you do: good on you. OT, sorry.


Re: Somewhere, deep in space, three hundred years hence...

But.. Chairface managed it so it must be true!



Re: Crazy Russian and his armed drone

Interesting. I've read a lot of comments suggesting drone mounted shotgun, my thought is what would the rapid ejection of several grams of lead do to the poor bugger carrying it? My guess is it would send the thing spinning out of control and potentially damage it. The video looks pretty heavy on special effects, I assume your post was tongue in cheek.

Edit: Having read one of your other replies, I'm assuming my assumption was correct. Double assumption!

Also the gun sound reminds me of a unit from Command & Conquer: Red Alert. I forget which one!


Re: The prisoner

A slightly modified weather balloon would have done the trick. I don't understand what all the fuss is about.


Armchair expert here...

Why haven't they launched an attack drone with a shotgun, radio triangulation equipment, nets, air-to-air guided missiles, a high powered laser, nuclear warhead, grappling hook and bird of prey?? Isn't it obvious? It's so simple toddler could have hunted it down within an hour. It's clearly a cover-up.


Erm OK, I see your point re TL;DR.. The comments only filled two pages at most when I read them...


Perhaps you should have read all of the comments. If the thing(s) are radio controlled, it's likely to be in the 2.4GHz range which is incredibly busy, making it difficult to identify which radio signal is controlling it. 2. It could be on a pre-programmed flight path which requires no radio control input.

Dutch boyband hopes to reverse Brexit through the power of music


Don't forget to include monikers like "Remoaner" or "Gammon" when making a Brexit insult.

Error pop-up? Don't worry, let's just get this migration done... BTW it's my day off tomorrow


Re: Not sure who is more dull...

Well the comments on these stories are usually worth a read, even if the main article itself may be a little uninspiring.

Your comment excepted, of course.

Dine crime: Chippy sells deep fried Xmas dinner


Salt? We were lucky to get a wrap of sand to season our crisps with.

It's official. Microsoft pushes Google over the Edge, shifts browser to Chromium engine


Re: OK, then...

Maybe throw in a "Micro$haft" as well.

Support whizz 'fixes' screeching laptop with a single click... by closing 'malware-y' browser tab


Push volume button to mute

It's fairly normal on vehicle audio systems, aka the "car radio".

Canuck couple returns home after night on tiles to gaggle of randomers hanging out in their flat


I've done this a couple of times, though not to full combustion. A whole lotta smoke in the house though!


I would expect any kind of keyless entry not to involve keys.

Bloke fined £460 after his drone screwed up police chopper search for missing woman



Nonsense. People love to look at wrecked up shit, myself included. Though whilst on the road my focus is most definitely on keeping the traffic moving. If I really want to see it I'm sure there will be a load of portrait videos shot by gawpers posted to YouTube or passed to a local news website (you know, the one with all the trashy ads).

Do you think people watch things like "Top 10 most epic fails" out of concern for a family member?

It's been going on for centuries...


Re: Hunting season

I'll definitely be checking out that Defcon talk; it starts with "God this talk was fun to make" so hopefully I won't be disappointed.

By the way, "neighbours" is spelt "neighbors" in the title of this talk. You probably just typed it out from memory, so I'll forgive you. I'm British, but generally accepting of American spelling, except perhaps for "Aluminum" - I'm willing to write "sulfur" but y'all had better include that extra i in Aluminium.

No teacher icon as that's for professional Grammar Nazis, though I will think less of anyone who writes "your" when they mean "you're".

Alexa, cough up those always-on Echo audio recordings, says double-murder trial judge


Re: Latest advice

Or "call the police"

Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges


Re: Throw the book at him

Yes, true. In the UK we had the case of Jean Charles de Menezes, I don't think any police officers were charged in that case either.


Throw the book at him

.. use a hardcover and aim for the face.

I see a lot of people discussing US gun laws and trigger happy police officers, but nobody is condemning this piece of shit who has called in 46 bomb hoaxes and (indirectly) got an innocent man killed due to his childish actions.

ZX Spectrum reboot scandal firm's original directors rejoin


Re: Possibility of being prosecuted for false advertising ?

This is not BBC HYS.

Windows XP? Pfff! Parts of the Royal Navy are running Win ME


What surprises me is that somewhere there's an installation of Windows ME that "works".

My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day


Yes, I have several sort-of-working USB cables which I keep just in case I need a USB plug for something.


Re: Bin it all.

But then you'll spend the next few weeks trying to source it all on eBay as inevitably you'll have a need for the stuff you just chucked away. Did you even read the article?

Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server


I was wondering if this "Focus assist" feature would stop message boxes stealing focus while you're in the middle of typing a document/command line/password (the worst!). Probably not.

Premiere Pro bug ate my videos! Bloke sues Adobe after greedy 'clean cache' wipes files


Re: Man...

head crash

Where do you get your drives from, the 1980s?

I'm not saying there's no risk, and that people should be blasé about it, but modern hard drives can take a few knocks with no ill effect.

British fixed broadband is cheap … and, er, fairly nasty – global survey


Nonsense. In many remote areas there's only one choice - Openreach. No fibre service available, and spending more on a better ISP doesn't make any difference to the speed of the service.

How an over-zealous yank took down the trading floor of a US bank



Back in 1996 I was playing Duke Nukem 3D on my PC.

UKIP flogs latex love gloves: Because Brexit means Brexit


Is BBC Have Your Say making a guest appearance at the Reg today?

Remember when Apple's FaceTime stopped working years ago? Yeah, that was deliberate


Um. Calm the f*ck down....

Scottish brewery recovers from ransomware attack


Re: Pay Us in Beer

No beer icon? Flabbergasted.

Brit teen pleads guilty to Minecraft-linked bomb and airline hoaxes


Not sure if this is some kind of weird joke.. Yeah, let the poor kid off, he had no idea what he was doing because his brain wasn't fully developed! Boys will be boys...

Amazon, ditch us? But they can't do without us – Oracle


Re: The other side

Plus recurring maintenance fees on the bookshelves, which would obviously be supplied by Oracle, cos these books won't be supported unless you're using Oracle furniture.

BBC websites down tools and head outside into the sun for a while


I thought all HYS comments sections were about Brexit, regardless of the content of the related article.

Wearable hybrids prove the bloated smartwatch is one of Silly Valley's biggest mistakes


First paragraph

Surely if Intel only sold super high power CPUs in the 80s we'd just be using a different vendor's CPUs now, rather than not buying computers at all.


I find a watch is a far more convenient timepiece than a phone. I don't take my smartphone with me everywhere.

Irish fella accused of being Silk Road admin 'Libertas' hauled to US


Re: So crime doesn't pay!

The statement Davis received a weekly salary from Ulbricht that, over the course of a year, would have fallen between $50,000 and $75,000 is rather ambiguous.

I assumed that he was receiving 50-75k a week rather than per year, otherwise it's a rather underwhelming salary considering the risk involved.

Tech support chap given no training or briefing before jobs, which is why he was arrested


Re: Back in my day

Leatherman is a far more versatile tool, IMHO. Though I don't doubt the utility of a Swiss Army Knife, my dad has had one for as long as I've known him and it never leaves his side.

Cops suspect Detroit fuel station was hacked before 10 drivers made off with 2.3k 'free' litres


Re: Note to my fellow Yanks ...

I'm British, and it (T)annoys the hell out of me when people use the name Tannoy when they mean PA.

Mind you, I do say "Velcro" instead of "Hook-and-loop fastener".

Give Samsung a hand: Chaebol pulls back Arm to strike Intel's chips


It would be very handy.

Sysadmin cracked military PC’s security by reading the manual


Re: SGI IRIS Indigo

Many poorly configured IRIX systems left certain system accounts with a shell and no password. Once in, it was a fairly trivial matter to get root access.


Re: I'd tell you but might get in shit

The Queen?

How polite: Fun-bucks coin miners graciously ease off CPU pounding


Re: Superb...

Absolutely amazing alliteration.


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