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NASA's Mars probe InSight really has Mars in sight: It beams back first pic after touchdown

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Nearly got an upvote…

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Re: JPL more amazing than elReg

@ I Am Spartacus Where's your article, we'll read that instead?!

Pluto is more alive than Mars, huff physicists who are still not over dwarf planet's demotion

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Re: Confused

Thatmal ismal a bit mof a mouthfmal.

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Maybe the word planet should be removed from IAU definitions, they come up with their own terms, and everyone else just call Pluto a planet.

Put your tin-foil hats on! Wi-Fi can be used to guesstimate number of people hidden in a room

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"enemies or civilians"

Note 'or' not 'and'.

Boffins build the smallest transistor, controlled by an atom

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Re: Of course it has potential

Currently not.

ZX Spectrum Vega+ blows a FUSE: It runs open-source emulator

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I seem to recall that a key remapping function was quite common for games of the day.

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Fogarty only got one point. What a dweeb!

First low-frequency fast radio burst to grace our skies detected at last

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Re: Uh, am I the only one

Better get the cat food in


The Solar System's oldest minerals reveal the Sun's violent past

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Re: Irradiation in the early solar system

There's always this idea that when fusion started at the proto-solar core that the produced radiation, 'swept away' the accretion disk. I reckon the early Sun probably swept some of itself away as well, leaving a more exposed fusion core before the present day internal structure began to form.

Astroboffins spy the brightest quasar that lit the universe's dark ages

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Black Helicopters

The Universe is, like, the most mysterious thing. Ever.

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Re: Radio?

I suppose we mean light to be visible light, that which we mainly get from the sun and the atmosphere allows through. Maybe we should talk about electromagnetic radiation instead.

Geoboffins spot hundreds of ghost dunes on Mars

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Wouldn't worry, they died off a long thyme ago.

Sorry, Neil Armstrong. Boffins say you may not have been first life-form to set foot on the Moon

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Re: Make Luna Green Again

What for? We can already do it here.

By Jove! Astroboffins spot 12 new spanking moons around Jupiter

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...satellites around our largest planet?

‘We’ own the solar system now do we?

Brits whinging less? About ISPs, networks and TV? It's gotta be a glitch in the Matrix

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Vodafone suck

Been with Vodafone for 22 years. Excellent customer service. £25/m for 4 GB

Just moved to iD. Poor customer service. £10/m for 8 GB

I’ll take the cheap data, thanks.

US Declaration of Independence labeled hate speech by Facebook bots

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Re: What this shows ...

clever use of memes and puns involving characters with double meanings

Ah yes, search for "Mr train going into Mrs tunnel" at Baidu

Bankrupt Aussie Hells Angel scoops £750k lottery jackpot

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Re: Huh?

Ha, and there was I thinking that Hell's Angels just drink beer and have axe throwing competitions.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a giant alien space cigar? Whatever it is, boffins are baffled

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Having walked in UK mountains for practically all of my adult life, there are nice examples of long, thin obelisk-type rock fragments around, some many metres in length e.g. the frost-swept summits of Welsh Glyderau, shattered by freeze-thaw since well before the last ice age.

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Re: Ahem....

“Comin’ over here with its scientific enigma”

Israel cyber chief's 'pants' analogy for password security deemed, well, 'pants'

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Re: Visual Basic

I use VBA a lot in Office and it gets me out of all sorts of pickles, there are many use cases, it gets an unfair press I think!

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Re: passwords should be treated like underpants

So something like this then:





How polite: Fun-bucks coin miners graciously ease off CPU pounding

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Great news, cask beer fans: UK shortage of CO2 menaces fizzy crap taking up tap space

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Re: Coca-Cola pauses production at some plants

At least something positive might come out of this!

Done and dusted? Vast storm gobbles NASA's long-lived Mars robot

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Such short term thinking!

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Thumb Up

Opportunity has had a good innings and may well still yet survive.

Many lessons learned during these missions will no doubt improve / extend expectations for future visits.


'90s hacker collective man turned infosec VIP: Internet security hasn't improved in 20 years

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Re: The Whole Liability Thing

Yay, cyberblockchain!

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Re: Nostalgia

I remember when we ‘got the internet’ at work in 1996, Luddite I was sharing the office with’s first comment was, “So, can you get porn on that?”. A quick check at playboy.com revealed that indeed you could!

Ailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm kicks crisis meeting into long grass

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Re: They need that 2-week adjournement

It's not that bad!

UK.gov online dating tips: Do get consent, don't make false claims or fake profiles

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Re: RE: Shadmeister


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Re: dont bother with dating sites

I was hovering on the upvote button until the sexbots comment.

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Re: Gender balance

Is your male friend "stout"?


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Re: Gender balance

Just having reach 50 this year and ended a relationship a year ago I got onto match.com.

As other replies here, I sent about 15 sincere and genuine messages without any hint of reply before giving up (and meeting someone new the old fashioned way). Since I'm not the sort of person to spam just anything warm with boobs, it takes me a while to find someone I actually want to write to, and then to discover they may well miss my message because of all the other crap they get.

This age bracket is tricky too, many suitors are divorced and the traditional 'man older than woman' pairings are being explored with many women seeking an age range around their own but with a large bulge (ahem) towards the younger side: "sick of husband, divorced, young buck required for oo-la-la".

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that (best of luck!), just that it is fanciful, as are dating sites in general.

My advice is that you are most likely to find a soul mate through normal processes but it may require some effort beyond a cursory look on your phone before going to sleep: join a club or society, frequent new bars, and keep going until you are noticed.

In my view dating sites can provide a glimmer of hope and allow you to at least view (hopefully real) examples of the gender of preference and wonder 'what if', while you go about normal life until someone real comes out of absolutely nowhere (as is often the case).

Headless man found in lava’s embrace

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What a blockhead!

Trump's ZTE deal challenged by Senate

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Re: "a 180 degree turn away from the president’s promise"

At least it shows there is a hurricane!

UK digital secretary throws cold water over bid for laws on kids' use of social media

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Re: "Everyone from the BBC through to Primark are responsible for this culture."

Pizza hut, Pizza hut, Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut, McDonalds, McDonalds

My Scouts used to sing that 20 years ago, it was just a “Scout song”, I never really saw any relationship between that and some sort of capitalist conspiracy.

First A380 flown in anger to be broken up for parts

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Re: Marketspeak bingo

Nah, they missed ROI

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Re: Noticed that with BA

No pleasing some people

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Re: Ilike the 380

news about QF 32 was splashed across the TV

Reminds me of Airplane (1980) where the in flight movie is showing a fiery aeroplane crash scenario

Woman sues NASA for ownership of vial of space dust

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Re: IT?

The article was posted in the Science section.

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sovereign claims cannot be made

Why did they put a flag on it then?

Astroboffins trace mysterious noise from hard rock in space

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An artist's impression of diamonds emitting radiation around a protostar

Diamonds - check

Protostar - check

Radiation -

Radiation -


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+1 for Nightwish \m/

At last: Magic Leap reveals its revolutionary techno-goggles – but wait, there's a catch

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There was cake, but they weren't allowed to eat any of it.

Dawn spacecraft to get up-close and personal with dwarf planet Ceres

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potentially infect the asteroid with terrestrial trash

Sshhh, no one tell Philae it’s terrestrial trash.

Calm your conspiracy theories, latest glimpse reveals Planet Nine may just be a pipe dream

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whopping eight billion miles

Even that not-planet Pluto’s distance is usually quoted on Astronomical Units, I have no idea how far billions of miles is.

Four hydrogen + eight caesium clocks = one almost-proven Einstein theory

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Time slows down in a sweaty lift due to the zero point fart

Boffins detect antimatter thundering down from Hurricane Patricia

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Other than spelling "NOAA" wrong

I even double checked it and still got it wrong! :-D

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Did the researchers fly their plane in a curve, you know, in NOOA’s arc?

Surface Hub 2: Microsoft's pricey whiteboard gets a sequel

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Re: Expensive?

In our company (well, in our division), we equate a revenue generator's time at $15/minute == $15/minute lost opportunity* at each time solving badly setup AV in meeting rooms. I could predict a direct correlation between 'IT savings' (i.e. reduced overhead) on investment in proper installation and training that then gets passed on to the revenue generating part of the organization as a reduction in margin.

*10 participants waiting 10 minutes to sort out the AV before every meeting can start = $1500 lost opportunity** / compressed project time frame / late delivery / corner cutting to take account of the time / rework because of corner cutting / employee extra work after hours to make up the time / employee burn out ... it can add up**

***8 meetings a month x 12 months = $144,000***

***individual results may vary


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