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Now Curiosity rover beams back 3D snaps of Mars

Jim Wormold

Re: No anaglyph please

Or you could save the some work and just separate the channels yourself. They must be quite busy at the moment!

How one bad algorithm cost traders $440m

Jim Wormold

Doesn't it work both ways?

If the company has lost $440M, then haven't others made that money?

Isn't this how the markets work? Why does this company get a rebate because theit software was faulty and made legitimate but "silly" trades? Isn't that the risk - that your algorithms don't always perform perfectly?

The Open Rights Group gets rights wrong again

Jim Wormold

Jim bashing

Must be fun...

Anyway - from the IPO link:

"Most Olympic related terms and logos are registered as UK or Community trade marks. In addition, the Olympic brand is protected under copyright, design right, passing off and trade descriptions legislation."

My understanding that a brand would comprise a logo, and as such is therefore covered by trademark AND copyright. So not much wrong there.

With regards to the Jay-Z song, well what JK said is correct. The parody was removed due to suggested copyright infringement. It did resurface again at a later date. What JK suggests is wrong with this is that content can be removed from the internet without due process - as you correctly state parody is perfectly reasonable and doesn't infringe on copyright. Therefore the bigger point he is making, concerns unwarranted removal of material just on the say so of a big corporation e.g. record label.

Why present such a biased piece about someone is actually attempting to protect the wonderful freedoms granted to us by the interwebs?

There must be more interesting things to write about?

Brits get to fondle Google Nexus 7 slab in just a fortnight

Jim Wormold

Why no microsd?

And why stop at 16GB, where are the 32 and 64GB versions.

And it's less than £1 per GB for class10 cards retail, so why is the additional 8GB costing £40?

Google drive cloud to rain on Apple, Dropbox parade

Jim Wormold


All this Dropbox, Skydrive, Gmail ranting. Why not use Spideroak - it's secure, the client is open source, it allows per folder syncing meaning I don't have to dedicate an arbitrary folder to share stuff in, I can select pre-existing folders.

What's more you can get up to 50GB free through referrals!

Knock yourselves out: https://spideroak.com/

(I'm in no way affiliated with spideroak, but have used them for a couple of years and find their product and service excellent. I used to use Dropbox but lost faith in the way they handled their rather public muck-ups, which everyone else seems to have forgotten)

Heathrow facial recognition tech stalled by borders fiasco

Jim Wormold

Why would you want to "break" the system

Your incentive is to get through the gate as quickly as possible isn't it? Why would you want to break the face detection algorithm meaning that you will then have to queue with the majority of users for a human employee to check you?

I don't think your post is "obligatory" at all.

Stealth-cam software snaps laptop looter

Jim Wormold

Tracking software, an extension of bios...????

@ "Anonymous Coward" - what is the software you used that worked even if the hdd was replaced? That sounds truly impressive!

Traffic-light plague sweeps UK: Safety culture strangles Blighty

Jim Wormold

Right on red?

Are you really trying to kill the cyclists? Or did you mean left on red!

Jim Wormold

No such thing as an actual Road Tax since the 1930's

Everyone pays road tax (as in a tax that is ring-fenced for highway maintenance) as part of their council tax.

I presume that the "road tax" referred to in the article is actually Vehicle Excise Duty (VED).

Exhibition to applaud videogames as art

Jim Wormold

re: Amiga?

... and Shadow of the Beast, that beautiful parallax scrolling got me hooked

MozyHome stiffs unlimited users

Jim Wormold

Don't forget Crashplan...

... unlimited online storage for about £35 a year, or you could just use their free service to backup your stuff to a friend's computer if you have one!

Oh dear Mozy!

No cuts made on UK police national database

Jim Wormold

Always been that way

Police forces as well as other government agencies have always paid "per transaction" on the soon to be replaced Police National Computer. Keeping the same payment system seems logical for the PND

High Court to probe Digital Economy Act

Jim Wormold


... that the only voice that is paid attention to is big industry. It's either the music industry or the ISPs who are being listened to.

BBC One HD to launch this autumn

Jim Wormold

DVB-T2 Dongles and PCI card availability?

This is crazy. I've funded all this ultimately crappy HD infrastructure upgrade. I've lost ceefax and a decent signal and now have very low quality transmissions but thank goodness what I've lost in quality I've gained in quantity (5 ITV channels anyone).

Now to rub salt in the wound, there are no DVB-T2 dongles or PCI cards available (which HD relies on) for the foreseeable future. wtf? One of the reasons I was reasonably onboard for the digital switchover was that because it was digital it should lead to nice integration with computers. Well to be fair it does, only for SD it seems. The lag on DVB-T2 receivers is something to do with BBC not agreeing on DRM standards to prevent unauthorised recording (what about authorised recording - I pay my license so what's the difference with SD).

Anybody have any good news for me about when DVB-T2 dongles and PCI cards will be available?


EU block to Mandelson's filesharing laws removed

Jim Wormold

Unsecure wifi?

I just use my friendly neighbour's unsecured wifi connection for all my illegal file sharing needs. I hope they don't cut him off - what will I do then?

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