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HTC Desire



There are known issues with the Wifi on a number of Android handsets - possibly just HTC ones.

Google don't seem to be much in a hurry to sort them out. This is a bug which has crippled my Magic for about a year. No sign of a fix. Not sure I'd buy an Android phone again unless I was sure they'd looked at it - shame because everything else is incredible.


Google: Android fragmentation not 'bad thing'


Forwards not Backwards

Frankly it's forwards not backwards compatibilty that I care about as an end user. What will kill Android stone dead is when people see they can't upgrade to the latest firmware (which at some point may be being advertised on the TV) because their handset manufacturer decided to make some tweaks in the past which prevents it.

I own an android handset (Magic) but I'll be switching to Apple if I'm stuck with Eclair for the next twelve months. What a bizarre last sentence.

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