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Cracking the passwords of some WPA2 Wi-Fi networks just got easier

Sid James

Re: What has changed...

Exactly, you still need to brute force the hash of the key. A longer key will take longer to crack.

Some estimates around the web state it'll take around 8 days for a 10 char key on a relatively powerful machine. That's going to come down quickly in the coming years as CPUs/GPUs get faster.

Jack Vance: Science fiction’s master of magic, mischief and sex

Sid James
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ahh...Araminta Station

Still one of my favourite books.

Apple: iOS 6.1 network overload caused by our Exchange SYNC OF DOOM

Sid James


didn't they only ditch the Lotus moniker?

HP veep: 'Lenovo won't be No 1 in PCs... oh wait...'

Sid James
Big Brother

>> ..is a bit like claiming that you couldn't possibly have robbed a bank in Britain because you are French.

or a bit like claiming that you couldn't possibly have robbed a bank in Britain because you were IN France.

Apple pounces on Samsung doc as proof of 'slavish copy' claims

Sid James

Re: This is where it gets ridiculous...

I agree. I actually have a Samsung GS2 and some of the interfaces for the Samsung apps are dead-ringers for the iphone ones. All the icons look the same and are arranged in the same places. I don't like the way that Apple is throwing its weight around in the courts but I can certainly see their argument.

Wikipedia collapses threatening the very fabric of civilisation

Sid James
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if nothing else it's a good place to start looking for more reliable sources..

Google silences podcast app Listen, disbands Team tool

Sid James
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Listen was quite useful!

Chrome spends a week at the top of the browser charts

Sid James


It's interesting that different countries have different usages of browsers:

USA ~38% IE 24% Chrome 23% FF

China ~73% IE 13% Chrome FF non-existant!

India ~43% Chrome 35% FF 15% IE

(UK ~37% IE 29% Chrome 20% FF)

No surprise that there's not much tack up for Chrome in China but Google must have been quite aggressively marketing in India to beat down IE to such a low %.

It seems Indians don't like IE much :)

Google unleashes BigQuery analytics tool

Sid James

Send us all your data...

....so we can parse it for interesting stuff!

Amazon Cloud Drive updates for Windows and Apple desktop

Sid James

Re: Cloud Player vs S3

It does seem to be a S3 backend...the pricing model is just different.

REVEALED: Samsung Galaxy S III is a PHONE

Sid James

no invite?

Did Samsung forget to invite you then?

UK Met Office: World temperature back down to 1997 level

Sid James
IT Angle

@Both of you

Well...there's still considerable debate about the extent of Man's impact on CO2 levels. Essentially our industrial era started mid-1800s and we can certainly say that the CO2 in the atmosphere has increased since then. We can also look back in the fossil record to see the CO2 levels throughout history and CO2 has been MUCH higher than it is now in the past. If you go down to the Natural History museum in London they have a full wall on the sea level changes over the aeons and it's quite clear that sea-levels have been much much higher (some 200 metres) than they are today.

The press coverage is almost always sensational focusing on short-term records: "Hottest November for 20 years" etc etc. What really matters is the long-term trends and whether or how much our activities has caused these to change. In the end that is very difficult for climate scientists to determine.

Google: The one trick pony learns a second trick

Sid James


If I remember rightly WordPerfect lost because it was slow to bring out a windows version, preferring to stay in the DOS world. Word obviously had one, even if it was slow and inferior, but that was what the public wanted, thus it won.

Go Daddy no-no means No Daddy is no-go

Sid James
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Great title...

although I had to read it several times!

Mystery of David Attenborough's garden skull cracked

Sid James

True but...

...it probably didn't take them long to work out how old the skull was...everything after that isn't really solving crime...it's more "being curious".

Sid James


Get your pies 'ere at Mrs. Lovett's pie's..

Sid James
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Great stuff...solving 130 year old cases that have already been closed. No wonder you can't find a policeman when you need one.

Google speeds Chrome JavaScript engine with 'Crankshaft'

Sid James


Sunspider totals:

9.0.597.10 Developer release 301.6ms

10.0.603.3 Canary release 262.7ms

4 tenths of a second over the entire run?

Firefox 4 Android beta gets stomach stapled

Sid James
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no thanks..

Hmm indeed...a mobile browser that needs high system specs? no thanks!

Humax HDR-Fox T2 Freeview HD DVR

Sid James
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I agree...my wife didn't understand why I bought it but she can't live without it now. We rarely resort to watching live TV and albeit for the initial problems (which were fixed with OTA firmware updates) has worked perfectly. I'd buy another Humax...this one looks a tad expensive at the moment though.

Amazon Kindle 3 e-book reader

Sid James
Dead Vulture


True...but from Amazon's point of view there's no storage or postage costs.. That must account for a few £s.

Sid James

5 or 6 books a week?

either they're very small or...

400 pages / book, 6 books = (400*6)/7 = 340 pages per day = a page every 42 seconds!

Google cracks open Android's closed development

Sid James

yes but...

while that handset maker might get bad press so will android....so while it's not ideal I can see why they'd do that.

Amazon punts Kindleware for Androids

Sid James

....even after you've paid for and downloaded it....

...and then remote wiped from under your nose..

Apple preps touchy-feely iMac

Sid James

1000-pound gorilla

indeed...it's called "gorilla arm"


and since they haven't solved the problem they had in the 80's with touchscreens these are no doubt going to go the same way.

Google may exit China after 'highly targeted' attack

Sid James
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...I don't see anyone else using Baidu ...

That's because you don't live in China or Japan where they have a huge market.


State-run stats but

"Baidu's usage share to be 74.3% nationwide, compared with Google's 14.3%."

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

Sid James


Wow...alot of comments...

I agree with AC @ 05:07, forums are a bad place to run polls on this kind of thing.

My experience has been OK: two machines both running perfectly. There was a blip around the alpha5 upgrade where my netbook got borked, but I think alot of people had that problem.

While I like the 6 month release cycle as it gives me something to look forward to, I do feel that releases get a bit rushed. Either they should extend the time between releases, freeze earlier or just be less ambitious.


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