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Porn app targets your Android


iPhone vs Android

Realistically people, someone's choice of mobile phone does make them into any 'sort' of person. I really don't understand this Windows vs Mac vs Linux and iPhone vs Googlephone vs whatever stuff. Or the classic Xbox360 vs PS3.

I have PC's at home.. (running Windows and Linux). I also have a Mac.. I have a Nokia 5800 and an iPhone.. I have an Xbox360 and a PS3 (and a Wii). I buy things based on their merits, not on what they 'say' about me as an individual.

Everything has it's Pro's and Con's. It's really narrow minded to label a person for choosing one piece of technology over another.

Let's all get along :-)


Irish brogue voted world's sexiest accent


As a South African man myself..

... I can say that woman preferring men with a nice accent (rather than a harsh South African accent) is complete and utter.. truth :-) Why wasn't I born in Australia?? Damn!



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