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Apple brings multi-touch, full-disk crypto to latest OS X


Blast (off) from the past!

Launchpad sounds like Windows 3.1. Progress eh?!

AA rolls out pricey own-brand satnav app


Same price no?

If the AA one includes the UK & Ireland maps then it is the same price and regular CoPilot Live!


Steve Jobs: 'Pad? That's my word'

Jobs Horns

oh dear

I own a Mac. When I read crazy things like this I wish I didn't. Brings a whole new angle on "Jobsworth"!!

Overzealous Orange cuts off customer, still bills


Isoloated incident? I think not!

Very same thing happened to me when I got a new triband solely to lend to my wife to take to Canada. It worked for a few days and then it was cut off by Orange. I needed ID in store. When I took it my ID wasn't good enough. I needed DIFFERENT ID.

Its the reason I'll be leaving Orange at the end of this contract and why I canceled their broadband!

Hippie windfarm kingpin Dale Vince slapped down by ASA



a few years ago i saw an advert for Ecotricity on the wall of a "green supermarket", declaring ecotricity to provide "Organic Electricity"! That and all this prancing about pretending to be Che decided it. I switched to Good Energy a long time ago. Its good to see some one else noticing all that nonsense!

Airport scanner staff object to vetting


another reactionary measure

I've been to an airport. I've seen the people there. manning that scanner would not be a nice task! humanity is, by and large, not the beauties you see in magazines. i'm not and neither are you.

I don't think it'd be too long before anyone at these scanners would desensitize to seeing naked people - a bit like doctors. my worry then would be, how long before that renders the scanners a useless waste of money as people cease to notice knives and bombs?

there must be better machines that couldn't care less about what you look like and not rely on the falable human eye, surely? like the "sniffer" scans in the CN tower?

I just get the impression who ever makes these devices just happens to also have the ear of a minister. twas ever thus.

Orange saves callers pennies with iPhone tariffs


Check the handset

Regardless of the price differences, be sure to check that the provider you of choice hasn't broken the handset! Orange disabled Wifi for everything but making phone calls at home, in their version of the HTC Touch 3G. I'm pretty sure Apple prevent such changes to the iPhone, but check with the provider that they haven't broken the handset with their own firmware before signing up!

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