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Anonymous hacks Sarah Palin's Yahoo! account

Dead Vulture

Wrong Headline ??!

Guys? What is up with you this week. Surely the headline should be:

Anonymous! Hacks! Sarah! Palin's! Yahoo! account!


Microsoft versus BlackBerry versus, er, BlackBerry?


Who's device is it?

We've used WM5 since it came out, and now have a couple of WM6's - yes they've improved over the past year or so and yes they're relatively easy to manage.

Yes they are (relatively) easier to run as you don't need to pay for or mainain a BES server (in a corporate environment, 50+ mobile email users).

But, and this is STILL what counts - the Cheif Exec and buddies like BlackBerries - and with slim exception (such as Samsung i300 - which itself has a poor battery life) WM phones can't touch BlackBerries in the ergonomic stakes. Just grab hold of an 8100 (Pearl).

It makes me cry.. but not as much as when trying to dial/redial quickly on a WM phone - when the bugger eventually hangs.

Windows Mobile makes huge commercial sense (to companies with a large Exchange userbase) but Blackberry still rules amongst those at the 18th hole..... Sort it out, designers! Bill - buy out RIM if you want this to work! :0


RIM rolls out 'virtual' BlackBerry for Windows Mobile 6


A*se about t*t

No, no, no!

What I was hoping, from the heading of this article, is that RIM would develop a HANDSET that would run Windows Mobile. Very stylish.

Why the heck do we want to run BB software on a WM phone, which is otherwise free to run?

Go back and design a phone, which has an 'optional' BB style interface, but with RIM style and ergonomics - which is, of course, the best. Sadly.

And no bloomin' BES server in the way.



RIM's enterprise dominance comes to an end


It's all about convergence

Never been a fan of BlackBerry, but it’s only been in the past few months that there’s been any true competition.

Exchange is the lynchpin to corporate communications and by developing a BlackBerry killer (almost) for free (you still need to look at security, such as ISA) they can convince corporate IT heads that the future of communications could truly be achieved if you “bet on Microsoft”. They are finally delivering convergence and with products such as Live Server 2007, they are going to have the market sown up. (Damn!)

With HTC-led equipment (clever technology, small form factor), and device management available from the likes of Vodafone, we can see a path ahead which will also allow us to embrace technologies such as SIP, and a corporate communications solution which finally reflects those cheesy “here is the future” pastiches.



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