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World standards body maps out 3D TV generations

Adam 45


A big 'so what' from this corner. I've seen a couple of films with sound. Including the much-vaunted Jazz Singer, and I remain unconvinced that it's anything more than a gimmick.

Yes there are occasional 'ooh' moments when objects appear a bit louder, but these few and far between parts really aren't worth the noise or the higher ticket price. On the whole I really don't think watching films with sound is any more immersive than normal. The film industry should just spend the money on making better films!


Wii HD coming in 2010, claims mole

Adam 45

shake to wake

Well, I played Mario Galaxy extensivley when I stayed at a relatives house for a week. Got to admit it's probably the best, most inventive game I have ever played. And I'm a 360 owner.

Did I care about the graphics? No. I was too busy being amazed at the enginuity.

Will I buy a Wii? Nah, because all the other games bar Mario Kart suck.



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