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Has HP blundered big time?



Go HURD! Will be brilliant 'tv' to watch over the coming months. Did HPs shares take a knock after this news???

Brits don't want in-flight calling


Phones, NO. Wifi, YES!

Phones should be banned! Its the same on the Underground. We already have to put up with packed trains where people REFUSE to travel without holding a bloody newspaper, a book or some other form of gadgetry, which, if were not in the hands of commuters during rush hour, would free up more space for more commuters to actually get on a train!!!

Anywho - wifi on planes would be great fun! :)

iPhone developer hires worm author

Thumb Up

Utter Genius!

I think he should be awarded by Apple!! It's not like he's gone and done anything incriminating, say for example, trashed the product or stolen details... that said, he should go to prison for bringing back nightmares of Rick Astely to all of us!! I'm sure Rick is more than happy and may even revive his career from this.

God help us all! :)

Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers


So who's responsible if...

So who's responsible if you use a wifi hotspot or a free wifi connection in a cafe and you go and download illegally?


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