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Muswell Hillbillies force BT to move broadband boxes



Hang on, someone in London is complaining about a green box on their street? Now I've been to London, there's f*cking houses everywhere and people are complaining about a 1.6m high green box on their street!! You'd think that years of seeing nothing but buildings out there bleeding windows and navigating round dog turds would have trained them to ignore the odd green box here and there.


Latest Navy carrier madness: 'Sell 'em to India'


Again...it's the RAF's fault?

The Reg (i.e. Lewis) stories about the services generally seem to lean towards the idea, that the RAF gets what it wants at the expense of the poor ole Navy. In this story it's the cash for Nimrods, previously it's been borg'ing the Harrier squadrons and other time it's how it managed to sell long range tactical bombing and strike capability as the future etc etc.

Rather than floating jibes (friendly though, we all understand banter:))) about how the fly-boys'n'girls get the cream, maybe you should be questioning why the Navy brass seem so incapable of effectively making their own case regarding the kit they require.

There's a bit of levity here, I know you don't always blame the RAF, but I still think the question is a fair one. If the RAF have learned the secret Whitehall handshake then why have the senior service forgotten it?


Hands on with Asus' redesigned Eee Keyboard



Why does it have a screen where the tape player should be?


Sky Player hits Xbox 360


@ Mr Brush.....

"*Sits back with popcorn and awaits the arrival of MarkOne and the SDF clones to shout about how Sony can do it better and cheaper.*"

About 18 hours........good call Mr Brush :)

I'm not being screwed over, I bought a GAMES console.......to play GAMES. If I want to watch Sky I will buy a dish, I want to tw*t.......erm I mean twit all over the place I'll use a computer, you get the point.

GAMES console, whatever extras the manufacturers try to enchance it with the only thing I really care about is the purpose for which I bought it. If Audi decide to try to flog a pair of furry dice for £250 I'm only being ripped off if I actually buy them, regardless of whether BMW offer a pair of equally fuzzy cubes for free. The only way I can be ripped off is if the games suck, people are entitled to their own opinion regarding quality of games, but I have a wail of a time.

Sky can charge what they like, if it's too much they fail.


Microsoft backtracks Ballmer's Blu-per


2 Disc or not 2 Disc?

It would be a weak add-on at best anyway. Blu-Ray is still in it's childhood so only a small percentage of 360 owners would be interested in it.

Then you have the DVD size issue, if there will ever be such an issue anyway. So you have a game that's 50 hours long and requires 2 discs (50 hours is generous, I clocked way higher on oblivion).......after 25 hours of gameplay a message pops up and asks you to replace the disc with disc 2. Is that really such an issue for anyone but the physically disabled that the system could be described as 'gimped'..........I mean really??????



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