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Smart meters are 'massive surveillance' tech - privacy supremo


Re: But moving to a different time is useful

You have a dehumidifier?

Apple TV third-generation (2012)

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Love the ATV, don't like the new interface

Our ATV2 gets used almost every day. I and all my friends have iphones or ipads, so when they're at mine (or I'm at theirs), we connect to the wifi network and can instantly play movies, music and show photos on the TV or just play music through the stereo, using itunes, spotify, or whatever you happen to use.

We use it for watching the Orange thursday films that get downloaded to the ipad, and mess about on youtube and vimeo.

The point is not how much it can do, but that it can do the basics really, really easily. And I don't want a NAS, linux box and a laptop just to watch a film on the TV.

Apple's cloudy music streamer won't stream music

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Looking forward to it.

I consider synching my iphone and ipad as a pain in the a$$, and i don't like to have to do it very often. Why should i have to fire up a computer at home in order to get my unplayed podcasts, new music, new videos, apps, and synch photos between devices?

This is a great solution, and well overdue. Granted, there are other ways to do this (manually synching, using other apps, and with dropbox on your idevices) but this will make it much more seamless.

If you still want to plug your phone into your laptop like it's 2004, go ahead.

IT job seekers can't smell spell


"No clear demonstration of technical skills"

Most of the recruiters I've ever dealt with didn't understand what technical skills were required for the job in the first place. I've seen IT Manager positions that required the ability to code in javascript, but no requirement to understand what active directory is.

And if the recruiter starts asking about acronyms, you know you're in luck.

Q: Why pay for DNS?


Nice advert.

Although to be fair, the point still stands. DNS is inherently insecure, and anything you can do do improve it is worth doing. Just look at OpenDNS - an entire business based on (initially) a free DNS service.

Macs not all that for reliability

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Surprised to see HP in that position

I've always thought HP's reliability was very good indeed, far better than Dell anyway. As for one in four failures - I've not seen that at all with my fleet of HP notebooks.

But I'll bow to the god of statistics and accept these results.

I think this should have been combined with some sort of evaluation of the warranty support of these devices. As reliable as sony are, if it's a nightmare to repair a machine, then it's still worth going for the manufacturer that has a prompt and efficient warranty support, even if those machines are going to be a few % less reliable.

Paris, 'cos she's not too reliable either.

Windows 7 - The Reg reader review redux

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Not just for home users.

I've been running the RTM for a fair while now, on a fairly non-standard machine (an overclocked sony ar21s laptop with raid) and it runs beautifully, especially compared to vista. No BSODs for months. It boots faster, has a more stable wifi connection, multi-tasks better, cascades windows faster and makes (for example) working on 10 different rdp sessions a much better experience.

Some of the features in 7 that tie in with Server 2008 R2 look awesome, and the extra group policy settings, management features, and power savings make it a no-brainer for me. I've tested it on a few virtual machines and various physical machines and I'm installing it on 20 machines in November.

And i have to agree with some previous posts. If you can't manage to install Win7 without getting confused and irate about BSODs or driver issues, what are you doing as an IT professional?


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