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Latest El Reg project: Rise of the Robot Sheep


Required viewing for builders of electric sheep

Anyone contemplating the building of a remote-controlled lawnmower must first watch Frankenhooker.

Plot Synopsis: Aspiring scientist Jeffrey Franken shreds his girlfriend with the remote-controlled lawn mower he invented. In the ensuing melee he escapes with her head and stows it in his garage laboratory. He then embarks on a quest to acquire perfect parts to rebuild her body. Where does one get perfect female body parts? Where else but from prostitutes? The inevitable conflict between the good girl’s brain and all of those bad girl body parts results in the rebuilt girlfriend hanging out on street corners uttering the immortal line "Wanna date?" There’s much more, all of it a hoot. Highly recommended.

WikiLeaks' Assange to be indicted for spying 'soon'


moot schmoot

"US Law doesn't apply to non-US citizens"

Tell that to Manuel Noriega.

He wasn't a US citizen, but the USA invaded panama, captured him, took him to the USA and charged and convicted him of breaking US law.

WTF is this country called America?


Why just 'Virginia'?

The real question that needs to be answered is why did Mr Cross shorten 'University of Virginia' to 'Virginia'? He didn't shorten 'University of Oxford' to 'Oxford'. Methinks there is more than just slack writing at work here. I will leave it up to the amateur shrinks to sort that out.

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