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BOFH: You brought nothing to the party but a six-pack of regret

Sam 15

Re: 'You brought nothing to the party but a six pack of regret?'

"hair of the dog"

That's a typo.

It should read "Heir of the dog" - which is cognate with that other phrase "Son of a bitch".

Ah, this military GPS system looks shoddy but expensive. Shall we try to break it?

Sam 15

Re: Well, I didn't *waste* money

"Unfortunately the Soviet Union, with its surplus of mathematicians and physicists, apparently did a much better job of sub tracking, and using inferior radar at that. "

I assume "radar" is a typo for "sonar"?

Sam 15

Re: "Electronics not destroyed by a sledgehammer"

"I had a discussion with a high up Navy man on a vessel."

I regret to inform you that the Royal Navy abandoned the use of Crows Nests quite some time ago.

Or was this on HMS Victory?

Devon County Council techies: WE KNOW IT WASN'T YOU!

Sam 15

Wrong kind of excuse

Since this is Education, what's wrong with the traditional excuse?

"Please Sir! A big boy done it and ran away!"

UK web grocer Ocado takes £500k hit after robo-warehouse tech splurge

Sam 15

Nice Pic Reg

Ocado's USP is the fact that it doesn't have supermarkets - it's all done on-line.

Well done for illustrating the story with a pic of a punter - in a supermarket.

Nunes FBI memo: Yep, it's every bit as terrible as you imagined

Sam 15

Re: How to get rid of fleas on your dog

"Indictments, so far, number zero (0). Directly-related indictments, that is. Collusion -- so far -- has not even been demonstrated. "


You've been pregnant for over six months!

Common now, where's the baby then huh?

Fake News!

Japan finds long, deep tunnel on the Moon

Sam 15

Shame there's no Atmosphere

This would make a really spiffing didgeridoo.

Indian call centre scammers are targeting BT customers

Sam 15

Conmen at work


BT suggest that scammers in Indian (or some other far away country) call centres are going through bins in the UK to get their info - thus making it "Not BT's fault".

Yep. Definitely conmen at work.

Paris nightclub red-faced after booze-for-boobs offer exposed

Sam 15

Re: Not unusual

"I can remember a bar in down town San Diego which hung bras (given by drunken patrons) from the ceiling."

Shoddy construction work.

The ceiling shouldn't have needed that extra support.

HMS Windows XP: Britain's newest warship running Swiss Cheese OS

Sam 15

Operational? or Test Software?

Given the present state of play on that ship, I imagine there's more test software on board than operational stuff.

If test s/w is running on XP I don't see what the fuss is about.

Cabinet Office minister Gummer loses seat as Tory gamble backfires

Sam 15

Amber Rudd scraped home

"A pity that Home Secretary Amber Rudd scraped home by 346 votes."

Is it too late to ask for a few recounts?

If we ask the same question again and again. we might eventually get the Right Answer.

Cuffing Assange a 'priority' for the USA says attorney-general

Sam 15

AC/DC blasting Out

"Still, looking forward to hearing AC/DC blasted out at maximum volume outside the Ecuadorian Embassy until they hand over Assange."

It's right next to Harrods!

I rather think the neighbours might object.

You're Donald Trump's sysadmin. You've got data leaks coming out the *ss. What to do

Sam 15

"All the "checking people's phones and computers" and setting up data protection procedures are useless in such cases."

They do serve to p1ss off more people, and thus generate even more leaking and random acts of (un)kindness.

Trumping free trade: Say 'King of Bankruptcy' Ross does end up in charge of US commerce

Sam 15

Re: Alternate Facts

"Is there anyone else getting the impression the The Trump is a little unhinged. He seems to live in an alternate reality. He seems to have lost his grip on the real world. Is he going mad?

If so just what is the constitutional process for removing him from office."

No problem.

Trump will simply define his mental state as "sane" - and have critics banged up in a sanatorium somewhere (costs of 'treatment' not covered by the ACA obviously).

We've been Trumped! China's Alibaba is a 'notorious' knock-offs souk, says US watchdog

Sam 15

Re: The USTR's witch hunt

"Sadly the USTR is not particularly interested in what's fair or even legal, as long as it protects American interests (i.e. money).

As for who's actually entitled to what, America is one of the world's most notorious rip-off artists. Just look at Disney and Apple, as two of the more prominent examples, or frankly anything in America's vast portfolio of laughable patents, or any of the supposed "create works" coming out of Hollywood or the American music industry."

I was startled to read that Waltzing Matilda is an American song.

It was Copyrighted in the US in 1941, so those criminals in Oz have been stealing this American creative product - ever since 1896.

Sort 'em out Trump!

Latest loon for Trump's cabinet: Young-blood-loving, kidney-market advocate Jim O'Neill

Sam 15

Re: Your bias?

(Maffski) "And global warming, if you hadn't noticed it's already solved. "

You live in one of those states where marijuana is legal now, right?

Don't go overboard with that stuff.

Tech Trump: Silicon Valley steps into the valley of unhappiness

Sam 15

Re: One other thing that is a big concern...

" Many of Trump's policies are absolutely at odds with the agenda of his own party in Congress"


"Republicans may have a unified government at the moment, but they don't have a unified party."

Since no-one really knows exactly what Trump will actually do in office (his campaign rhetoric was all over the map) it may turn out to be misleading to describe Trump as a Republican.

AI, AI, captain: Royal Navy warships to set sail with computer officers

Sam 15

Wrong Ship

You illustrated this article with a stock picture of HMS Belfast.

Belfast isn't a navy ship since she was decommissioned in 1963.

What you really need is a picture of a modern navy ship which is still in commission.

HMS Victory for example.

Google has unleashed Factivism to smite the untruthy

Sam 15

Re: Facts are irrelevant in this campaign

"I don't care. I'm not voting for Trump because of facts of any sort. I'm voting for him because it's the political equivalent of pulling the pin and tossing the grenade in the china shop."

It's the political equivalent of pulling the pin and hugging that grenade closely to your chest.

An anniversary to remember: The world's only air-to-air nuke was fired on 19 July, 1957

Sam 15

Re: WOPR got it right

"Nuclear brinkmanship was a lose-lose game."



Others might describe this as taking a tambourine to a gun fight.

They're alive! Galileo sats 9 and 10 sending valid signals

Sam 15

Re: The answer to that question

"The answer to that question

Is probably the same as to "do you intend to keep the same phone for the next 12 years".

<Checks date of manufacture of phone - 2003>


Not sure.

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua 4G: The Android smartie that can take its drink

Sam 15


<squints at picture>

Are you quite sure that it's beer in that glass?

Hardcore creationist finds 60-million-year-old fossils in backyard ... 'No, it hasn’t changed my mind about the Bible'

Sam 15

Re: Evidence.

" If a modern human went back in time to the time these legends were written, if they were able to communicate and if they didn't give everybody some modern-day pathogen that's lethal to the lot of them, how are you going to communicate the size of just our solar system to anybody from that era in any functional way? You'd almost have to introduce some hackneyed number like 5,000 years for it to be understandable."

Agreed. In order to grasp both the size and time aspects of the universe would require advanced mathematical understanding.

However, even today journalists are advised to avoid statements like

"30% of the population" and instead say

"three people out of ten"

Depressing isn't it?

Attack of the dinky drones! US military creates ROBOTIC CARRIER PIGEON

Sam 15

(Air)Ships of the Desert

Disinformation innit.

All those who fear the drones will nip off sharpish to the nearest desert where they will stand out like a thing which stands out as an easy target.

The real enemy of these drones is Wisteria.

Hurry shipmates - the black hats have hacked our fire control system

Sam 15

A neat trick if you can do it

Hacking into a Selsyn/Synchro?

You might need a boarding axe.

Landlines: The tech that just won't die

Sam 15

Re: Same Costs

"Let's face it, companies like Plusnet wouldn't be able to offer Broadband at £2.50 per month if you weren't paying line rental. "

£2.50 per month to start, but do look out for the 400% increase after 12 months.

Latest menace to internet economy: Gators EATING all the PUSSIES

Sam 15

"Oddly enough, due to the much-abused law allowing the seizure of assets purported to be used in a crime, there are quite a few cases in the US that have names along the lines of US Government v a huge pile of cash."

Dangerous precedent.

Suppose the pile of cash should win?

(Some might suppose this has already happened)

SFO: 'Insufficient evidence' for conviction over HP-Autonomy deal

Sam 15

The SFO seem to be saying that the data they require is being sent to the US authorities & not to them.

Doesn't this really mean that the US agencies have shouldered aside the SFO because they wish to act as judge & jury on any event anywhere in the world which may impact on US interests?

Who could have imagined that this would happen?

Prez Obama snubs UK PM's tough anti-encryption crusade at White House meet

Sam 15

Missing the point


Many of you seem to think this is about responding to terrorism, an assault on civil liberty, damage to the IT industry and all sorts of red herrings.

There's an election coming up.

Dave is getting some TV time standing next to the US President whilst looking all statesman-like.

That's it.

Too late, Blighty! Samsung boffins claim breakthrough graphene manufacturing success

Sam 15

Re: The real difference



The flames of hell are not hot enough for the likes of you Sonny Jim.

TONGUES OUT if you want to LICK Steve Jobs' BACKSIDE

Sam 15

You want old jokes?

Does everyone remember the other old joke?

"We found out why the stamps weren't sticking to the envelopes.

The glue is fine, but people are spitting on the wrong side."

Didn't get a Nook for Xmas? That's OK, hardly anyone else did, either

Sam 15

Nook like your Money

I've been chasing Nook for a refund since May 2013 - they apologise, promise to pay up, nothing happens.

Chase them again, rinse & repeat.

Not a firm I'd choose to deal with.

Oooh! My NAUGHTY SKIRT keeps riding up! Hello, INTERNET EXPLORER

Sam 15

"Did they specifically desire a sexually provocative 13 year old with budding breasts and a short skirt to be their mascot?"


One of us needs a new monitor.

Snowden's email provider gave crypto keys to FBI – on paper printouts

Sam 15

Re: Outrageous


If he invoked the 5th, he would thus confirm that he has committed criminal actions.

Is that a good result?

Virgin Galactic spaceship goes supersonic in second test flight

Sam 15

“We couldn’t be more delighted to have another major supersonic milestone under our belts as we move toward a 2014 start of commercial service,”

Should he be be putting milestones under his belt - supersonic or even stationary ones?

Glad to see he's moving forward towards 2014 though.

Kettle 'which looks like HITLER' brews up sturm in a teacup

Sam 15

Fuhrer's Tea-Time Tastes

Do you think Hitler would have been fond of a little red bush?

Barnes & Noble bungs Raspberry Pi-priced Nook on shelves

Sam 15

Re: Scheduled to ship

I ordered one & got a whole series of emails.

Acknowledgement/ processing/ about to ship/ it has been shipped.... and 15 minutes after that last one, a final email to say it's all been a mistake, we haven't shipped anything and we're out of stock so please buy a different model at £69.

Clearly a company one can have confidence in.

Sam 15

Bargain Accessories


Buy a Nook Simple Touch for £29, including delivery.

But you will want a "Matte Screen Protector Kit " to preserve your valuable e-reader of course.


US Navy blasts drones with ship-mounted LASER CANNON

Sam 15

Fog, Mist, Rain, Sea-spay?

It's impervious to all these right?

Where's that drawing board?

How I nearly sold rocket windows to the crazy North Koreans

Sam 15

Re: Mixed lessons from history?


I agree that China would have no wish to fight alongside NK if a war should start, but to jump from that to assume that China would fight against NK is an impossible leap.

Why on earth would they? What could they possibly gain from this?

Sit back and let everyone else exhaust themselves.

Lost CASSiE search moves up a gear

Sam 15

It's a job for International Rescue!

Light up Thunderbird 1 and get it over the search area ASAP.

David Miliband! Your hour has come.

Higgs hunt halts as CERN prepares LHC upgrades

Sam 15

"Higgs hunt halts"

If El Reg decides to move into radio, you're going to need specially trained stunt announcers for this stuff.

$195 BEEELLION asteroid approaching Earth

Sam 15

Re: Just wait for...

Let me get this right.

Your telling us that your mistress is mooning everyone?

That's harsh.

Curiosity photographs mysterious metal object on Martian rock

Sam 15

It's a thingy.

A fiendish thingy.

(Copyright Ringo Starr)

Schoolgirl's Hello Kitty catonaut soars to 93,000ft

Sam 15

Re: Hydrogen FTW

Obviously you did.

Do I have to spell it out for you?

Tablets aren't killing ereaders, it's clog-popping wrinklies - analyst

Sam 15

"In all seriousness, can anyone spend long periods reading from a tablet without suffering eye strain and associated headaches? Can many people even hold a proper tablet in their hands for extended periods without cramping?"

Yes. I do so every day with no problems.



Victims of 'revenge pr0n' sue GoDaddy, smut site

Sam 15

Re: Ban Society

Interesting idea...

How many member do you have so far?

Review: Google Nexus 4

Sam 15

Just visited the Google Play Store.

It shows a total of 7 Nexus devices.

Five are shown as sold out.

Panasonic pitches Ultra HD 4K x 2K monster tablet

Sam 15

Gert big display

I wonder what will happen if you press, just a tad too hard, in the middle of that huge screen?

Asteroid miners hunt for platinum, leave all common sense in glovebox

Sam 15

Leave it UN! He ain't worth it.

"You may not care what UN says, but that has a shiny forecast of ending up with UN dragoons, TANSTAAFL and rocks being lobbed at the Cheyenne Mountain."

The UN should stick to local politics and leave the neighbours alone.

TANSTAAFL - There ain't no such thing as a free Launch - at least, not from the bottom of Earth's gravity well.



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