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Mass Sony DVR seppuku riddle: Freeview EPG update fingered


Anonymous Coward is so right, there was a reboot bug affective many Vestel boxes from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon! Vestel is a huge player in the market but mainly make re-branded boxes for the cheaper end of the market so presumably nobody at El Reg cares!


Chinese woman sparks net craze with virgin website


" I am quite successful in keeping my virginity" - the word "quite" is interesting - "quite" is very different to "wholly" - it's like being a "bit" pregnant!!!

Star Wars 3D holo displays becomes a reality


Hatsune Miku

so http://youtu.be/DTXO7KGHtjI isn't real then? - I'm gutted!

WTF is this country called America?


It works both ways

I once had quite a heated debate with a Canadian who insisted I was "European" despite my insistance I was English - and only saw the light when I told her that by that logic she was an "American"

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