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Dragon Age: Origins game in gay sex scene shock

Can U See Kay

I want to fuck you like an animal

The reference in the subtitle is, of course, to Nine Inch Nails' excellent song, Closer, a rollicking ballad of sexual desire, where the singer asks:

"Help me become somebody else"

WTF is this country called America?

Can U See Kay

Dialect and Idiom

The (very poorly and rudely articulated) point of the original commentard is that not all people refer to the U.S as America, and in Canada, it gets under our fingernails. The author is writing, I assume, for an international audience and should avoid idioms that piss off his readers.

By NO means do I want to imply that the word "boffins" should be replaced by "a team of expert scientists" or anything like that. I found the definition on the Web, so can he.

Now I off down the pub for a pint (that's 20oz for you Americans) and a bite of still-beating seal heart.

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