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Geezer eBays 'bastardised, chaved up Skippy mobile'


Back up on eBay?

Somehow back up on eBay with commentary about dealing with eBay. Have to love the sense of humor in an otherwise dull capitalist environment.

Press 1 to be ignored, press 2 to be transferred to another switchboard, press 3 to be transferred to another switchboard, press 4 to hear the dial tone again, press 5 to be hung upon during any time. Press 6 to hear these options again



Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers

Paris Hilton

What's this then?

"...in a move to delight the entertainment industry and anger ISPs." The Entertainment Industry needs to pull their greedy heads out of their arses. They're all shouty at how they are getting screwed out of revenue, yet epically fail to introduce prices to entice punters to actually pay for what is being shared.

Yes, it's a whole lot easier to share music than it was when we had to copy vinyl to cassette tapes (and they didn't like that either), but they haven't really been proactive about the issue either. Perhaps it was a big surprise that this would happen?

Maybe if a song cost £0.10p and a movie £1.00 the illegal sharing would go down, but I doubt it will ever stop entirely. The Entertainment Industry needs to try something rather than whinge.

Paris because she's free and easy.


Barnes & Noble whips out Nook e-reader

Big Brother

We know what you read last week...

One step closer to having a big brother who will serve you with pop up ads. What I'm waiting for is the brain implant that can simply transfer the book into my head along with the scent of the book for added realism!

I don't get these either and am not interested in owning one. I get it that it can hold lots of books that free up shelf space, but it's one more gadget to mange, keep charged, can break easily, and some crackhead will kill you for.



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