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One third of Russians say Sun revolves round Earth

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Race for Idiotocracy

This is truly a Sputnik moment. OMG, the Soviet Reds are attempting to control general ignorance! That's right, the American Red States need to spend more on misinformation. (Except for the Texas State School Board. They're doing fine.)http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/thumb_up_32.png

Obama plagiarist has a legal posse

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This is not an easy call. There is long history of making small modifications an existing work which completely changes the impact and meaning. Did Andy Warhol rip off the guy that designed the Cambell's soup can? What about Duchamp's moustached Mona Lisa?

In music, bands do covers all the time and no one seems upset.

Maybe not a plonker, just a wally.

Stella Artois augments iPhone reality

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Too Bad

Cool Application, too bad it's for crappy Stella Lager. Maybe if you could select your own brew? Like a nice Chimay?

Amish farmers lose court battle against RFID

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I'm wondering about the grammatical rules for American/British spelling. The real name of the organization referred to in the article is:

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF)


Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defence Fund (FTCLDF)

Shouldn't we use the spelling used by individual or group itself? UK Ministry of Defence, US Defense Department ?

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

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Yeah, there are a lot of weird Brit words and and expressions, "Softly, Softly catchy monkey.."???

But there are also many words Brits think are exclusive to Blighty, like strumpets and geezers with which we Yanks are quite familiar. Please have someone from the left side of the pond edit your list.

Hulu recognizes Blighty existence

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Since iPlayer doesn't recognize the US, I think we're even.

Chinese crackers create counterfeit iTunes racket

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mmmm.... Chinese Crackers!

HP begins selling pay cut plan to European workers

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Makes no sense

That this is done on an individual, confidential basis makes it a doomed effort. Of course no one will voluntarily cut their pay if others in the office are free not to. It should be put to a company wide vote, accept a 10% wage cut or 10% across the board force reduction. Then workers would consider the pay cut seriously.

Man robs convenience store with Klingon sword

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True Provenance of the Sword

Actually, I believe the sword was created sometime in the 1980s for a TV show. (on Earth!)

Immortal Dr Who jellyfish poised to rule Earth

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Dr. Who?

I think the Dr. Who reference was a bit of a stretch.

Most Americans without broadband don't want it

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Paris Hilton


This article suggests Americans are ignorant and apathetic. Well, I don't know about that and I don't really care.

Apologies after teacher's 'Linux holding back kids' claim

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Fake Letter

My BS-Detector went off after reading this, especially the part about "I tried Linux in college" (but apparently didn't inhale)

American 'football' goes 3D

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So-Called American "Foot-Ball"

That's cute how you put quotes around 'Football'. Not really necessary, since you already prefaced it with 'American'. Can't we just all get along?

Google tells the world how to talk

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Pardon my twang

Septic twang, you say? Since Oxford English is the hallmark of a superior mind, maybe you fellas should build your own iPhone...

Also, although originally derived from the Great Empire, US measurements are not exactly the same as in the UK, hence the dropping of "Imperial".

O2 takes it to the EDGE

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They will buy.

I think the posters so far don't get the Apple user mindset..

You can tell them about all the advantages of 3G over EDGE, that Nokia phones already have more features, but you just get blank stares and a response like "but it's an APPLE, it has SAFARI just like my MAC. it's sooooo coool!"

They will be lined up all over the UK and the rest of Europe for these things, just like the US.

Great British fry-up under threat

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All is not lost.

One Word - "Kippers"

Thieves swipe biker's prosthetic hand

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Anyone else curious how the bike was configured not to use the normal clutch?

Euro iPhone launch will reveal 3G handset for Vodafone, T-Mobile

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Re: Re: Russels speed query

More wishful thinking and giving Apple way too much credit. AT&T in the US already has an HSDPA 3.6 network (Motorola v3xx). If Apple can't get their act together enough to even offer a basic UMTS phone there, why do you think they'll have a HSDPA 3.6 phone next week in Europe?

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Qualcomm Broadcom Dispute

Dillion - this is probably not the case, as the ban does not go into effect until August.


Steve Jobs said size and battery life was the reason for 2G, but like Tony - I don't buy it.

My guess is that there will be an "announcement" on Monday regarding the development and delivery of a European 3G iPhone some unspecified time in the future.

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3G vs 2G

This article seems to imply that the phone will operate at 3G speeds in Europe. The current phone is only designed to operate at EDGE speeds, not UMTS. So I'm thinking this is BS, wishful thinking..

AT&T has a nice HSDPA 3G network, so if the phone could operate at 3G, it would use that network rather than the slower EDGE.

Do you have a licence for that sporran, sir?

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American Tourists

I know you guys love to make fun of American Tourists, but some are actually of Scottish descent and find it hard to find a suitable place to where a kilt here. So, leave them alone.

After all, we don't mind when you Brits come over here and where cowboy hats (and boots)

MS polishes UK dialect dictionaries

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English (British)

Sorry, but the rest of the world don't recognize the current language spoken in the UK as the only true and correct English.

At one time, we all had the same root language (not spoken anywhere today). Since then it has evolved on different branches, of which English (British) is only one.

French outwhine Brits in the workplace

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US whiners?

This article seems to imply that US workers have nothing to complain about. I only wish we had the working hours, holidays and benefits that you have in Western Europe.

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