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Mobile devices bring back that old client-server feeling

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Yes but this time we have SAAS on the other side!

Nice article and now I feel old indeed! I remember when Oracle scrambled to put a client-server layer (SQL*Net) on top of its database and how many users ended up cooking an unhealthy amount of MS Access databases on their "powerful" PCs!

This time however, we're having the SAAS this going on where vendors are climbing up the food chain and no one is talking of Data or Application but rather a Service. It's all happening of the cloud and the package comes with mucho bells and whistles. Having said that I'm starting to hear of off-line Salesforce!


Try these beans: Business Service Management

abdel kander

Honesty first

OK I admit it, I work for a company that does agentless IT inventories but honestly, things will be much better the day we stop lying to ourselves and quit pretending that we are in full control of what's happening in our IT shops. You know that sh*t is happening, at least try to know what kind of sh*t is coming your way!



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