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£69 Pre 3 spied on HP UK website


Old News

This site has been live since Wednesday 24.8.11 & has had the £69 price point there. This may be HP's RRP, but when there is no stock, it's worthless anyway.


T-Mobile takes on patsy role in Microsoft Sidekick fallout

Gates Horns

Epic M$ Fail

@jeremy 3 - The Sidekick backs up the users Address book, SMS/MMS, E-Mails, Calendar, Memos & all purchased content from the Sidekick Catalog.

If it was just e-mail, i dont think there would be such an issue, but it's the users entire phone!! The Sidekick does not store any data on the handset, it's all online. If you re-boot the phone, it has to download all your data again.

How do i know?? Im a former Sidekick user.

BTW - This is an Epic M$ fail. They wanted to kill the sidekick device a year ago (6 months after they bought Danger), but T-Mobile said they would sue M$ for breach of contract (i believe). I personally think M$ did this on purpose to make T-Mobile think again about releasing any more Sidekicks. Damn i hate M$.



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